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Five Benefits of Choosing a Human Hair Topper Over a Synthetic One

May 14th, 2024 | 10 min. read

Five Benefits of Choosing a Human Hair Topper Over a Synthetic One

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Ever found yourself standing in front of a mirror, scrutinizing your thinning hair, and wondering if there’s a solution that feels and looks natural? Are you torn between the choices of human hair toppers that are a significant financial investment, and synthetic options which are more affordable but don’t have the same natural look as human hair?


In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of choosing a human hair topper to ensure you’re able to make an informed decision that brings confidence back into your life.


While this article deals with the benefits of choosing a human hair topper over a synthetic one, we acknowledge that there are situations where a synthetic topper may be a better choice.


We know hair loss can be a tough experience. But Daniel Alain strives to educate anyone looking for an alternative hair solution, whether they buy from us or ultimately find a better fit with a different brand.



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Benefit #1: Human hair toppers have a natural look and feel


When it comes to giving your thinning hair extra density and volume, the ultimate goal is to achieve a look that’s as close to your natural hair as possible. This is where human hair toppers truly shine. Crafted from 100% real human hair, high-quality human hair toppers will blend seamlessly with your existing hair and mimic its texture, color, and movement. 


Unlike synthetic alternatives, which can sometimes have an unnatural sheen or stiffness, human hair toppers offer a softness and flexibility that will mimic your natural hair. This ensures that the topper is completely indistinguishable from your natural hair and nobody will know you’re wearing one - unless, of course, you tell them!


The impact of a natural-looking hair topper cannot be understated. We love hearing stories of transformation and regained confidence from our customers whose lives have been changed by their human hair topper.


One customer of ours, Sara, recounts her experience: “After years of feeling unhappy about my hair, I finally decided to try a human hair topper. The moment I saw how well it blended with my own hair, I was overwhelmed with relief. It was like looking into the mirror and seeing 'me' again. All my friends tell me I have amazing hair!”



Similarly, Daniel Alain customer, Amy shares: “Hair loss can be really overwhelming. I feel complete when I’m wearing my topper. I never have to wonder whether I’m going to have a good hair day. I think that’s a big deal. Every day is a good hair day!”



Benefit #2: Human Hair Toppers Have Styling Versatility


One of the most compelling advantages of human hair toppers is their incredible styling versatility. Since they’re made from real human hair, they can be curled, straightened, cut, and colored just like your natural hair. This flexibility allows you to adapt your human hair topper to your personal style and ensures you never feel limited in expressing yourself.


While the styling versatility of human hair toppers is a significant plus, maintaining their quality during styling is crucial to ensure they last longer and continue to look their best. Amy shares her top tips for optimum topper styling:


  • Use Heat Protectant: Before using any heat-styling tools, apply a heat protectant to the topper. This helps minimize damage from high temperatures, keeping the hair healthy and vibrant.


  • Opt for Lower Heat Settings: When curling or straightening your topper, use the lowest heat setting that effectively styles the hair. High temperatures can lead to dryness and damage over time.


  • Regular Conditioning: Just like your natural hair, human hair toppers benefit from regular conditioning treatments. Deep conditioning helps restore moisture and elasticity, especially important if you frequently style your topper.


  • Avoid Overstyling: While it's tempting to change your look often, try to minimize the frequency of heat styling and dyeing. Embracing your topper's natural texture and color when possible can significantly extend its lifespan.


Being able to style her topper helps Amy feel like it’s a natural part of her routine. It doesn’t just sit on my head; it has become a part of me,” she explains.





Benefit #3: Human Hair Toppers Are Durable and Have a Long Lifespan


When investing in a hair topper, one of the key considerations is how long it will last. Thanks to their natural composition, human hair toppers boast impressive durability and longevity, provided they receive the proper care. Unlike synthetic fibers, which can become frizzy and lose their luster over time, human hair maintains its quality and appearance for much longer, often lasting years with the right maintenance routine. This durability not only makes human hair toppers a more cost-effective solution in the long run but also ensures that you can enjoy a consistent, natural look without frequent replacements.


We asked our customer Sara to explain how she maximizes the lifespan of her human hair toppers to keep them looking their best. Here’s her advice:


  • Gentle Washing: Wash your topper regularly, but avoid overwashing to prevent drying out the hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and lukewarm water, gently working the product through the hair without rubbing or twisting.


  • Air Drying: Whenever possible, let your topper air dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer. If you must use heat, opt for the lowest setting and keep the dryer moving to avoid concentrating heat on one area.


  • Proper Storage: When not in use, store your topper on a wig stand or mannequin head to help maintain its shape and prevent tangling. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or humid areas to protect the hair's quality.


  • Avoid Sleeping in It: To prevent unnecessary stress and tangling, remove your topper before going to bed. If you must wear it overnight, consider a silk pillowcase to reduce friction.


Sara explains, “I was initially worried about the upkeep, but maintaining my human hair topper has been surprisingly easy. It’s just like caring for my natural hair!”



Benefit #4: Human hair toppers are comfortable and breathable


Human hair toppers are a high-quality product designed to be comfortable for people who need to wear them for extended periods. The bases are typically made from lightweight, natural materials that allow for better air circulation to the scalp and reduce the risk of discomfort, irritation, or overheating.


At the beginning of her journey with alternative hair, Amy did try some synthetic toppers. Since switching from a synthetic to human hair toppers, she reports a noticeable difference in how comfortable she feels throughout the day.


“I always thought the itchiness and heat I felt by the end of the day was just something I had to live with. But once I switched to a human hair topper, it was like a breath of fresh air for my scalp. I can wear it all day without even remembering it’s there, which was never the case before.”





Benefit #5: Human hair toppers can be customized


Unlike synthetic options, which come in a fixed range of colors and styles, human hair toppers can be dyed, highlighted, and trimmed to match your existing hair perfectly. This level of customization ensures that the topper complements your natural hair and creates a seamless, undetectable blend.


Human hair topper customizations must be done by a professional with experience. They will be able to achieve the look you want, ensure the topper remains in excellent condition, and protect your investment by making sure your topper looks natural and beautiful for as long as possible. 




The Daniel Alain website features a salon locator tool, designed to help you find experienced professionals in your area. These specialists are equipped with the knowledge and tools to customize your topper and ensure it meets your exact needs while maintaining its quality and longevity.



How do I choose and customize the perfect human hair topper for me?


Thinning hair or hair loss is a frustrating experience, but a topper can be a life-changing solution for many people seeking extra volume and density.


This article discussed the benefits of human hair toppers compared to synthetic options, and you may be feeling more sure about which option would be best for you.

If you’re interested in the human hair toppers we sell here at Daniel Alain or have specific questions about our toppers not addressed above, we invite you to reach out to our team of consultants. They’re ready to help you navigate the next steps of your journey towards beautiful hair.


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