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Best Glueless Lace Front Wigs

September 14th, 2022 | 21 min. read

Best Glueless Lace Front Wigs

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Let's be real—no one wants to spend hours carefully gluing their wig to their scalp. It's a messy, time-consuming process that often leads to headaches (literally) if not done correctly. Even the most careful touch can cause damage as wig glue is harsh and strips away your natural hair over time. Enter: glueless wigs.


This type of wig has a special construction that doesn't require any adhesive, making it much easier to put on and take off. Plus, glueless wigs tend to be more comfortable and breathable than their glued counterparts.


But with so many different types of glueless wigs on the market, it can be hard to know which wig is right for you. That's why we've rounded up the best glueless wigs out there. And when it comes to quality, there's no wig brand more respected than Daniel Alain.


Our wigs are made with the world's finest European hair and softest Swiss lace caps that will give you a look as glamorously natural as it feels. We pride ourselves on creating luxurious, high-quality wigs that will last you for years to come—no matter how often you wear it.


If you're looking for a wig that's as easy to put on as it is beautiful, browse our luxury collection of glueless lace front human hair wigs today!


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daniel alain's Glueless wigs collection

So, how does a glueless wig actually, you know, stay on?

Rather than using toxic adhesive or bulky tape, glueless wigs come with clips or combs sewn into the wig cap. These devices grip onto your natural hair, keeping the wig securely in place.

The best glueless human hair wigs usually have a lace front wig cap construction, which creates a realistic hairline. This construction is what allows glueless wigs to be so comfortable and lightweight—you won't even feel like you're wearing a wig!

Ready to ditch the sticky adhesive and try a glueless wig? Check out Daniel Alain's top-of-the-line glueless wigs below for a look that's sure to turn heads.

grandeur-blondeGRANDEUR WIG

The experience of wearing a Grandeur glueless lace wig is like nothing else on Earth. Its buttery soft European strands are sourced from the world's only private reserve before they're hand-tied to a lace front, glueless wig cap that leverages the hair's natural sheen to frame your face like a halo.

The lace is delicate and undetectable, making it comfortable enough to wear all day (and all night) long. And because the wig is made with 100% human hair, you can style it any way you please.

Embrace your inner goddess with Grandeur.




Glueless wigs don't have to be all about function—they can be stylish, too!

The Chic glueless lace front wig is a work of art, with hand-tied strands of the world's finest European hair. The hair is trimmed into a flattering sleek cut that can be customized to as short as 8 inches and as long as 14. This wig is perfect for anyone who wants the look and feel of a glueless lace wig without sacrificing style.

Own the room with Chic.



If you're looking for glueless lace wigs that are both natural-looking and low-maintenance, look no further than Style. This wig comes in a variety of lengths and colors—from an icy blonde to a vibrant red—so you can find the perfect shade to suit your, well, style.

Style is also one of our most versatile glueless lace wigs, with a lace front that can be styled away from the face. So whether you're looking for a sleek and straight look or big and bouncy curls, Style has you covered.

Express yourself with Style.

pixie-irish-creamPIXIE WIg

Sometimes, less is more. That's certainly the case with Pixie, our shortest glueless lace wig yet. This cheeky cut falls just below the ears at 5-inches long, making it perfect for anyone who wants all the benefits of glueless human hair wigs without all the fuss.

Pixie is also one of our most lightweight glueless wigs so you can wear it comfortably without feeling weighed down. If you're looking for a glueless lace wig that's as fun and flirty as you are, Pixie is an ideal choice.

Strut your stuff with Pixie.




The René is a true classic. Its elegant, face-framing design has been one of our most popular glueless wigs for years, and it's easy to see why.

Made with our signature blend of World Select Hair—which is a combination of premium European, Asian and Indian strands—René is soft, silky, and oh-so-stylish. Plus, it's our most affordable glueless lace wig, so you can get the look you want without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the red carpet treatment with René.




With Gripper Actif, you can rest assured that your wig will stay put—without having to cover your head in glue.

Designed with a silicone perimeter that lines its snugly-fitting lace front cap, Gripper Actif gives you a natural, no-slip grip that holds your wig in place so you can focus on living your life. You'll enjoy the silkiness of our 100% European hair, the comfort of our lace front cap, and the security of knowing your wig isn't going anywhere.

Dance the night away with Gripper Actif.




If you're looking for a glueless lace wig that's light on your head while still providing a secure grip, Gripper Lite is here to save the day.

This wig has all the features you love about Gripper Actif—including a snugly-fitting lace front cap and our signature silicone perimeter—but it's made with lighter-weight construction that provides optimal airflow and breathability. Plus, it's still made with our 100% European hair, so you can style it any way you please.

Feel light as a feather with Gripper Lite.





When it comes to glueless lace wigs, no one does it better than Daniel Alain.

Our luxury glueless lace wigs are made with 100% European human hair that's sourced from the top 10% of hair available in the world. After it's ethically collected, our expert artisans hand-tied every individual strand onto a lacefront cap that's designed to give you a natural, comfortable fit.

And because we believe that glueless wigs should be accessible to everyone, we offer a variety of styles, colors, and payment plans to suit your needs. Whether you're suffering from alopecia hair loss and need a wig that will stay put, or you're just looking to switch up your style with a new cut or color, we have a glueless lace wig for you.

We want you to love your wig as much as we do, that's why we offer a free Fit Kit to let you try on a few of our styles in the comfort of your own home before making a purchase.

Our experts are on-hand to walk you through all of our luxury glueless lace front human hair wigs. Schedule your free consultation today.



Your Glueless lace front Wig Awaits at Daniel Alain

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Glueless Wig?

A glueless wig is a wig that doesn't require the use of adhesives or tape to stay in place. Instead, it relies on a combination of snugly-fitting caps and strategically-placed combs to grip your hair and keep the wig securely in place.

The best glueless wigs are made with lace fronts that give the illusion of a natural hairline, and they can be worn with or without a wig cap. Some glueless wigs are made out of a full lace cap, which can be harder to put on.

Do Glueless Wigs Look Natural?

Yes—when done right, glueless wigs can look incredibly natural. The key is to find a wig that's made with high-quality human hair and a lace front that mimics your natural hairline.

At Daniel Alain, all of our glueless wigs are made with 100% European human hair and a lace front that's hand-tied to give you the most natural look possible. Browse our glueless 100% human hair wigs today!

Do Glueless Wigs Fall Off?

No—when properly fitted, the best lace front glueless wigs will stay in place all day long. The key is to find a wig that's the right size for your head and to use the combs and adjustable straps to secure it in place.

If you're still worried about your wig falling off or if you suffer from any stage of total hair loss, we recommend choosing a glueless lace wig with a silicone perimeter, like our Gripper Actif or Gripper Lite pieces. This will give you an extra-secure grip that's perfect for activities like dance or exercise.

Are Glueless Wigs Good?

The best lace front glueless wigs are unrivaled in terms of comfort, style, and security. If you're looking for a beautiful wig that looks natural, feels comfortable, and will stay put all day long, then a glueless lace wig is the way to go.

Do Glueless Wigs Damage Your Hair?

No, when properly fitted and cared for, glueless wigs will not damage your hair. In fact, they can actually help to protect your hair from damage by shielding it from the elements and blocking UV rays.

Unlike traditional wigs that can rub and abrade your follicles, glueless lace front wigs are designed to be gentle on your strands. And because they don't require the use of adhesives or tape, they won't pull or tear at your hair when you take them off.

How Do You Put On a Glueless Wig?

Putting on a glueless wig is easy—simply slide the wig over your head and use the combs or clips secure it in place. You can adjust the position of the wig until you find a fit that's comfortable and secure.

If you're having trouble putting on your wig or if it doesn't seem to be staying in place, our experts are here to help. Click here to schedule a free consultation today.

What Do You Wear Under a Glueless Wig?

You can wear a glueless wig with or without a wig cap. If you choose to wear a wig cap, we recommend choosing one that's made out of breathable material like lace. This will help to keep your scalp cool and prevent irritation.

How Do You Remove a Glueless Wig?

To remove your glueless lace front wig, simply unclip the combs and slide it off your head. We recommend using a wig stand or mannequin head to store your wig when you're not wearing it. This will help to keep it from getting tangled or damaged.

How Much Does a Glueless Wig Cost?

The price of a glueless wig will vary depending on the quality of the hair (whether it's human or synthetic) and the construction of the wig. The best glueless human hair wigs can range in price from $2,000 to $10,000.

At Daniel Alain, we only use the finest 100% European human hair in our wigs, which is why our prices start at $2,391. We also offer free Fit Kits and monthly payment plans to make our wigs more affordable.

How are Glueless Wigs Made?

Construction of glueless lace wigs has come a long way in recent years. The best glueless wigs on the market today are made with a lace front that's hand-tied with 100% human hair using a special technique that allows the newly sewn tresses to move and lay naturally.

Some glueless wigs are made with full lace caps, but in our opinion, the best glueless human hair wigs are made with a simple and elegant lace front.

How to Tell the Quality of a Glueless Wig?

The best lace front glueless wigs are made with 100% human hair that's been carefully selected for its softness, shine, and strength. The higher quality of the hair—as in, strands that are sourced from rare reserves in places like Europe—the higher quality the wig will be.

The construction of the wig is also important. The best glueless lace wigs are made with a hand-tied lace front that's been sewn with great care. This ensures that the wig will lay flat and look natural.

Finally, the price of the wig is a good indicator of quality. The best glueless lace wigs are priced at $2,000 and up.

How Do You Maintain a Glueless Wig?

Consistent care is the key to maintaining a glueless lace wig. To keep your new hair looking its best, follow these tips:

  • Avoid heat styling as much as possible and use a wig-friendly heat protectant when you do style.
  • Wash your wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner made for human hair wigs.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair (start from the bottom and work your way up).
  • Be gentle when putting on and taking off your wig—never tug or pull at the hair.
  • Store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head when you're not wearing it.

For more tips on how to care for your glueless lace wig, click here.

How Long Can You Keep a Glueless Wig On?

You can wear your glueless lace front wig for as long as you'd like. However, we recommend taking it off in the evenings to give your scalp a chance to breathe and to avoid tangling the wig while you sleep.

How Long Do Glueless Wigs Last?

With proper care, glueless lace wigs can last for years. At Daniel Alain, our best glueless lace wigs are made with high-quality human hair that's been carefully selected for its strength and durability. Our wigs are so long-lasting that some of our customers have had theirs for an entire decade!

What Should I Look For When Buying a Glueless Wig?

When shopping for glueless lace wigs, it's important look for the following:

  • 100% human hair (preferably European)
  • Hand-tied construction
  • Lace front cap

What is the Best Brand for Glueless Wigs?

In our opinion, there's no contest: the best lace front glueless wigs are made by Daniel Alain. Our realistic wigs are made with 100% European human hair and a hand-tied lace front that's been sewn with great care. We only use the finest materials in our wigs, which is why they are some of the best glueless lace wigs on the market today.

What Are the Different Types of Human Hair Wigs?

In the wig industry, there are five types of human hair wigs.

European Hair

Sourced from small villages in Russia and the Ukraine, European hair is widely considered to be the best type of human hair for wigs. That's because it is the rarest and most sought-after type of human hair on the market. It's silk, soft, easy to manage, and has a natural shine that can't be found in any other type of human hair.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is the second most popular type of human hair used in wigs. It's less expensive than European hair, but it's also not as rare. Indian hair is more textured and coarse, which makes it a great option for those who want more volume.

Asian Hair

Asian hair is the most common type of human hair used in wigs and it's less expensive than Indian or European hair. Asian hair is strong and durable, but it can be more difficult to style because it's so straight. A lot of Asian hair is unfortunately collected from drains and floors, so it's important to do your research before purchasing a wig made with Asian hair and only work with a quality wig company that you trust.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is unprocessed human hair that's never been chemically treated. It's the highest quality human hair you can buy, which is why virgin hair wigs are also the most expensive. Virgin hair wigs are incredibly rare and difficult to find, so use caution if someone is trying to sell you a wig that they claim is made with virgin hair.


Remy Hair

Remy hair is a type of human hair that's been collected from the head, so all the cuticles are facing in the same direction. This makes Remy hair less likely to tangle and more manageable overall.



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