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2021's Best Hair & Scalp Moisturizer - Hair & Scalp Hydration Treatment

July 30th, 2021 | 9 min. read

2021's Best Hair & Scalp Moisturizer - Hair & Scalp Hydration Treatment

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2021's Best Product to Moisturize Your Hair & Scalp

If you had to choose the most important step of your skincare routine, it would probably be moisturizing, right? Dry skin is itchy, uncomfortable, and acne-prone, so we focus on hydrating with creams, masks, and nourishing ingredients like niacinamide, cleansers, and hyaluronic acid to lock in all that anti-aging moisture. We spend so much time focused on moisturizing our skin, but many of us fall short when it comes to hair moisture. Can you relate?

Considering the scalp is part of our skin, we need to extend the moisture consciousness to our hair and scalp, too. Because when the scalp is dehydrated? The words oily, greasy, and frizzy might come to mind, but the truth is, moisturizing your hair and scalp is an essential step in your hair care routine.

If you think about all of the environmental toxins we encounter daily — sun, water, tension, heat, products, oils, sweat —  it’s no wonder we experience dry scalp, breakage, hair shedding, and thinning. Regularly moisturizing your hair not only strengthens and protects your scalp to promote hair growth, but also increases the shine, smoothness, and body of a gorgeous head of hair.

Are you ready to bring some much-needed moisture to your scalp? If you’re looking for the best hair moisturizer to give you that covetous, soft, silky, voluminous hair you crave, there are several things you can do. Here, we’re sharing our industry recommendations for hydration products and the moisturizing ingredients your follicles desire.




The beauty industry is littered with products that leave much to desire for your hair. We can thank the big gray area of unregulated beauty labeling, big marketing budgets, and a whole lot of smoke and mirrors for these misleading buying experiences. Ultimately, it falls on the consumer’s shoulders to weed through the junk to find the jewels.

Some products contain harmful toxins and harsh chemicals that can strip the follicles of nutrients. The result? The scalp becomes dry, or you may notice thick, greasy coatings that temporarily boost volume and shine. The problem is, these ingredients can soak up your scalp’s natural moisture balance and produce dry, flat, lifeless hair.

If you’re struggling to retain moisture, it’s time to take a long, hard look at the products you’re using, and grab more dependable, clean, plant-based nutrients your follicles love to feed on. Amino acids, vitamins C and A, and biotin are a few powerhouse nutrients your scalp needs to retain moisture.

Bottom line: you want to use products that are clinically proven and science-backed to be effective.

For example, INTACT is a clinically formulated hydrating complex and scalp treatment crafted from extensive scientific and clinical research on hair loss and hair care. Research shows that the condition of your scalp has an enormous influence on the scalp’s ability to grow and retain hair.

Simply put, your scalp needs to become an incubatory atmosphere to foster pre-emergent hair fibers and push them through the follicles to become new hair.

INTACT is the leading hair and scalp treatment on the market that will keep your hair nourished and hydrated from root to tip. While conditioning your scalp with moisturizing coconut fatty acids, and drawing moisture to hair and scalp with humectants, it also helps to retain hair with its unique root securing technology to help hold onto new and existing locks.

So, what else should you look for in hair hydration treatments?

A Clean Formula

Studies show that toxic chemicals can cause serious issues for women’s health, including cancer. So your first step is to observe with an investigative eye the ingredients list.  Do you notice any sulfates, phthalates, silicones, oils, SD-alcohol, or gluten? If so, put the product down and walk away (or abandon cart!) because these ingredients are an immediate no-go. That might sound like a long list, but you should be picky about the products you choose for your hair and body.

Okay, so if those ingredients are off the list, what about sulfate-free and silicone-free products?

You may have seen claims like “sulfate-free” and “silicone-free” on a label before, but what makes these ingredients offenders to your hair and scalp? Sulfates, for one, strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it healthy and promote growth. Sodium lauryl sulfate, found in many commercial shampoos lining beauty shelves, contain negatively charged molecules that aggressively cleanse the scalp. Over time, this tension irritates the scalp, causing follicular damage. When the follicles become compromised, you may notice excessive shedding, hair fall, and inflammation.

Then there’s silicone, which isn’t an exclusively toxic ingredient. However, it builds up over time, blocking your hair from receiving healthy oils and leaving it dry, dull, and prone to breakage.

A clean formula is an essential factor when choosing your hair products, so take the time to read the label! Once you have the deal-breakers out of the way, a great product will contain moisturizing ingredients, which we’ll explain in further detail next.

Contains Humectants & Emollients

A combination of hydrating ingredients like humectants and emollients is present in an effective hair moisturizer product. Humectants attract moisture from the dermis into the epidermis, and from the air into the epidermis, where it moisturizes the hair shaft. Products with humectant ingredients like panthenol, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, and honey are moisturizing rockstars.

Emollients are oils and lipids that improve skin barrier function on a cellular and membrane level to improve the look and feel of your skin. Ingredients like cholesterol, fatty acids, squalene, fatty alcohols, and pseudoceramides are non-irritating and effective at reducing dryness and skin disorders. In hair products, common emollients seen in beauty labels are coconut oil or coconut fatty acid, avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and argan oil.

Considering these two classes of ultra-hydration boosters and their lubricating effects on the scalp, you’ll want to use moisturizing hair products that contain a combination of humectants and emollients.

INTACT’s patented PiliLock Sevilla Orange Complex and niacinamide contains humectants and emollients to offer ultimate hydration to the scalp. Once the humectant attracts the moisture, the coconut fatty acid emollients seal it in. Emollients take the INTACT formula to the next level by sealing the cuticle to prevent loss of moisture.

Keep in mind that the key to healthy, moisturized hair is effective ingredients designed to retain hair and nourish the scalp.

What else do these moisturizing ingredients offer?

Adds Body & Shine

Moisture should provide your hair with body and shine. You may have used a drug store product in the past that gave your hair the commercial-grade shine, scent, and volume you were looking for, but the harsh ingredients in those products won’t offer long-term moisture. Using drugstore products can lead to dryness, dullness, and worse — breakage or shedding.

A natural and healthy moisturized look will need some time to develop, but if you apply hydrating ingredients consistently, you’ll start to see that hair-flipping shine and moisture you crave. Soon enough, all of your friends will start asking what products you’re using!

Considering 41% of women try to use the least amount of products possible, you really don’t need to clutter your beauty counter with a bunch of products to have long-lasting effects. INTACT provides you with a myriad of products after one single use.

Humectants and emollients are accompanied by shine and volume-inducing ingredients that will give your hair that ultra-fresh blowout look you envision. Over time, INTACT will protect your hair, and give you healthy-looking, fabulous hair.

Won't Weigh Down Your Hair

Products that coat your hair with heavy sealants and lubricants will only weigh it down, creating flat, greasy hair that requires frequent cleansing to wash away all that buildup. And what do we know about overwashing your hair? Bye, bye lovely nutrients my follicles crave, hello dry, flat hair. Oy!

Your moisturizer should never leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down. Honestly, you shouldn’t feel your moisturizing products at all if they’ve got clean, hydrating, lightweight ingredients chock-full of nutrients. Using INTACT will leave your hair feeling light, bouncy, and easy to style with confidence.

Dermatologist-Developed & Clinically-Tested

You wouldn’t use a skincare product that isn’t backed by scientific research, so why use hair care products that are definitively unhealthy? Don’t get distracted by clever marketing and cute packaging (hey, we’re human, and that palm leaf, zen-looking “natural” product may get us from time to time).

That’s okay because, just like you, your hair and scalp are resilient.

Look for dermatologist-developed and clinically-tested hair solutions like INTACT. Our real results show hair retention and reduced shedding up to 77% during washing, brushing, and styling. When developing INTACT, we aspired to help women dealing with hair issues like hair fall, shedding, dryness, and lackluster hair.

Our mission was to scientifically craft an innovative solution to all of your hair care needs, and that’s what led to the formulation of INTACT.




anti hair shedding treatment


Using INTACT for healthier, fuller-looking hair leads to real results. Not only does it work as a moisturizer for your scalp and hair, but it also helps reduce shedding. INTACT locks your hair in at the root, and the hydrating formula seals the moisture into your hair to protect it from external damage to your strands.

If you suffer from excessive hair shedding, INTACT helps to preserve the hair you have and promote new and healthy growth by nourishing the scalp. All you have to do is apply the scalp moisturizer treatment before showering to protect your hair from shedding and dryness. Leave it in for thirty minutes before washing, and then proceed with your regular cleansing routine!

Shinier, bouncier, fuller hair is just one treatment away.




At Daniel Alain, we are firm believers in equipping yourself with knowledge and education to reclaim control over your hair and confidence. You deserve to have an effective moisturizing product designed with you in mind. And you’ll find it in INTACT, a hydrating formula crafted from extensive knowledge, research, clinical studies, and development.

If you’re struggling to retain moisture, look no further than INTACT - Anti Hair Shedding Treatment. For the latest in hair care solutions and innovations in hair science and beauty, visit Daniel Alain.