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Hair Shedding | Hair Loss

Best Home Remedies for Hair Fall

July 30th, 2022 | 19 min. read

Best Home Remedies for Hair Fall

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Hair loss isn’t a surprise anymore. You’ve been noticing it for weeks in the shower and your hairbrush — but you’re too busy to sit down and think about your next steps. 


Work calls here, family obligations there, and me-time dwindles to zero. Plus, how about that essential oil you ordered? Those Instagram-influencer home remedies for hair fall haven’t worked. What’s a person to do?


If you’re feeling hopeless about your hair loss, we understand how you feel. It’s a tricky issue that’s hard to wrap your head around.


Our clients at Daniel Alain have medical conditions, genetic predispositions, stress, and dietary issues that all cause hair loss – but each one found a hair fall remedy with us, be it a 100% human hair wig or a hair fall treatment for women and men


What if there were natural remedies to prevent hair fall right at your fingertips? The world’s on a natural cleanse, and your hair could benefit from countless home remedies for hair fall. 



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Let’s jump through unique home remedies to reduce hair fall and stress, so that you can feel your absolute best.




These days, everyone wants a natural cure to everything. The herbal medicine market was worth $230 billion in 2021, and it keeps growing. Why? 


Maybe it’s a TikTok guru gushing about beetroot. Or, it could simply be the norm for most people, as 80% of the world relies on herbal medicine.


Side effects and high price tags make pharmaceuticals unattractive; however, each side has pros and cons. So, what kind of hair fall remedies are we looking at?


Home remedies for hair fall might include special vitamins and herbs, but not exclusively.




Let’s walk through a few proven home remedies for hair fall, and some alternatives to speed up treatments.

Limit Tight Hairstyles

We have so many options for hairstyles – perms, beach waves, pixies, french braids, chignon buns, oh my. But some hairstyles make us feel better than others. Who doesn’t love a reliable high pony, or majestic goddess braids? 


Here’s the thing: your favorite hairstyles might contribute to hair fall. Tight hairstyles cause traction alopecia in both  women or men, hair loss that occurs when the hair follicles are tugged too much. 


You don’t have to ditch your ‘do completely. But, you might want to give your hair a break with a looser style now and then. 


A common remedy for hair falling from traction alopecia is corticosteroids, which act as an anti-inflammatory to soothe your worn-out locks. 


Ensure Your Diet Contains Enough Minerals

Minerals are micronutrients your body needs to do everyday functions like maintaining heart health and muscle function. Turns out some minerals help with hair fall, too!


Have you ever tried brazil-nut banana bread? Why not treat your tastebuds and your hair follicles? Brazil nuts have high amounts of selenium, a metalloid and mineral that promotes healthy hair growth. 


Of course, minerals aren’t the only micronutrients that keep your hair from falling.


Take Your Vitamins

Do you spend enough time in the sun? Your hair will thank you for the Vitamin D if you do! That’s because it’s one of a few key vitamins for healthy hair fall. Other powerhouse hair growth vitamins include: 

  • Vitamin B7 (biotin)
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K


A dietary supplement might be one of the simplest hair fall remedies if you have a deficiency, but it might not be the most effective. 


For best results? Include these juicy vitamins in your diet naturally.


Improve Your Diet

Do you ever stop at McDonald’s on your way home from work? Those salty fries are irresistible, and cooking is so tedious sometimes. Once in a blue moon, we all cave in to our cravings. 


Unfortunately, the price for caving too often is high for your hair follicles. Ultra-processed foods cause excessive hair loss, according to one study. Add high sugar levels and the problem becomes even worse. 


American film producer Robert Urich was right when he said, “A healthy outside starts with the inside.”  You can still enjoy those delicious McDonald’s fries; just don’t eat them every day.


Try a homemade baked french fries recipe instead to ditch the processed chemicals. You might also consider adding protein to every meal as well. 


Now that we talked about food ingredients, let’s move onto hair product ingredients.


Avoid Using Harsh Hair Products

Have you been to a drug store’s hair aisle lately? The shelves are filled with hair wax, color treatments, leave-in conditioners, and the whole shabang. But many of these products have harsh chemicals that hurt your hair. 


For example, parabens irritate your scalp and cause hair fall. The same goes for alcohol, which so many hair products have. 


Choose products that are transparent with their ingredient list and limit harsh chemicals. A perfect example is Daniel Alain’s INTACT hair fall treatment for women and men (more on that later). 


The harsh chemicals in products might also creep into some of your favorite hair treatments. 



Don't Over-Heat Your Hair

Hair relaxing treatments might tame your hair and give you a sleek look. Unfortunately, too many treatments put your hair strands at risk. 


And that’s not all — hot oil treatments are also notorious for damaging the hair shaft and causing breakage. 


Our opinion? Always consult a hair professional before treating your hair. 


Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress appears in many uncomfortable symptoms for both women and men — headaches, back pain, jitters, insomnia, and even hair fall. The cortisol hormone released throughout your body also stresses out your hair follicles, causing telogen effluvium


The best remedy for hair fall caused by stress is to manage the stress itself. Home remedies might look like decompressing with a hot cup of tea after work instead of playing on your phone. Or, you might consider exercise and yoga to soothe your anxious thoughts. 


And if you have more time on your hands? Now’s a good time to splurge on a spa massage! But you might ask your masseuse to cover your scalp, too. 


Try a Scalp Massage

Back massages feel relaxing, but imagine the tension we carry on our heads! A myofascial study found that massaging trigger points on the head doesn’t directly cure headaches more than a placebo. However, other studies do notice headache relief through massage. 


Our advice? Get rid of headaches AND hair loss with a scalp massage! One Youtuber describes his experience massaging his scalp for six months for hair loss, a practice that increases circulation and reduces inflammation. The result? Noticeably better hair coverage, though little on the sides. And, a few minutes of zen – yes, please!


Now, let’s talk about the ancient yet fad-like herbal remedy everyone talks about online: essential oils.  


Use Essential Oils

Yogis and meditative gals to the front! You’ve probably used essential oils in a diffuser. Hello, relaxation and zen. 


But some essential oils are known to stop hair fall. We’ll get into them shortly, but first, this caveat: 


Essential oils aren’t regulated by any medical or government body. Thus, many on the market are questionable and might only have tiny portions of the oil in their products. 


Make sure you don’t ingest or apply any more than a recommended dose by the company and your doctor. Additionally, manage your expectations for results because essential oils might not be the only solution to your hair loss. 


Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s dive into some essential oils. 


Do you enjoy rosemary on your lamb chops or potatoes? Save second servings for your hair strands! One study comparing Minoxidil and rosemary oil for hair loss found both yielded positive results after six months of application. 


Remember how we mentioned stress-related hair loss earlier? You might consider diffusing lavender or peppermint oil as part of your stress management routine. But some scientists might uncover more direct hair loss benefits soon. 


For example, one study examined the effects of lavender oil and mice’s hair growth. After just four weeks, all study participants (mice) experienced greater hair density!


That concludes our roundup of home remedies to prevent hair fall — but don’t worry if you haven’t found the right one. Maybe your best remedy to stop hair fall is cosmetic.





The best home remedies to control hair fall should show you results. If they don’t, you might need to consider other options.

Try an Anti-Hair Shedding Treatment

Maybe essential oils aren’t cutting it, or your biotin supplements aren’t working fast enough. Forgot hair regrowth — first, you just want to stop your existing hairs from falling.


INTACT, Daniel Alain’s lab-formulated hair fall treatment, secures your hair at the root. Teams of dermatologists and scientists tested the formula in a lab to develop the patented PiliLock® Sevilla Orange Complex. Your hair follicles feel snug with constricting muscles that lock your hairs in place. 


The best part? You’ll notice results after one application, which only takes 30 minutes. INTACT is adored by many of our clients as a solid hair retention strategy. 




See if Minoxidil Will Work for You

Minoxidil is one of the only FDA-approved drugs for genetic hair loss. Yet, it is only effective for 30-40% of women and only effective for 50% of men and can take 6-9 months to show results.. The problem literally lies at the root, which you might need Minoxidil to dive into. 


The thing is, Minoxidil only works for people with SULT1A1 enzyme activity — a discovery made by our skilled dermatologists at Daniel Alain. Without it? Minoxidil won’t work for you. 

With a 6-9 month waiting time for results, you don’t have time to test its efficacy. That’s why you need to know immediately if minoxidil will work for you. The only way to do that is to take Daniel Alain’s Minoxidil Response Test (MRT).






FIND Your hair fall solution AT DANIEL ALAIN

Hair loss has this way of making us feel totally depleted and, on top of that, ashamed. It’s like we’ve lost our confident along with our hair, but that’s not the case. 


With research, persistence, and a supportive community — you can find home remedies for hair fall that actually work. And when all else fails, Daniel Alain is always here to offer clinically proven hair loss solutions. 


And guess what? You can enjoy home remedies and wear a 100% human hair wig in the interim. 


Give yourself a giant hug because you’re radiant and deserve to feel confident in the person you are. Let us help you on your hair loss journey — get in touch with one of our stylists today!


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Our stylists will help you find the right hair loss solution just for you



Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Hair Fall?

There are hundreds of reasons for hair fall, but you should be able to figure yours out with some observation and help from a medical professional. Common hair loss causes include hormone imbalances, pregnancy, menopause, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and genetics.

How Can I Identify the Reason for Hair Fall?

The best way to identify the reason for hair fall is to talk to your doctor. They’ll likely test your hair or conduct a biopsy to see if you have any genetic issues. You might also undergo blood tests to look for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Why Am I Losing Hair So Fast?

Everyone’s hair loss is different. Your hair care routine might involve too much styling, exacerbating hair loss. Or, you could be eating too much processed food. Talk to your doctor to get to the bottom of your hair loss.

How Can I Add Volume to My Hair?

Volume requires hair density, which you can pump up with hair-growing vitamins like selenium and Vitamin D, and stress management. If you suffer from genetic hair loss, you might also consider Minoxidil. Our advice? Nothing says volume more than Daniel Alain’s Style wig.

Why Do I Lose So Much Hair When I Wash it?

Most home remedies for hair fall need a little time to work their magic. However, Daniel Alain’s INTACT hair fall treatment for women or men works within just 30 minutes, promising results after one use!

How Can I Make My Hair Stronger?

Just like your overall health functions with different pieces, your hair needs a combination of healthy activities to shine its light. Healthy eating, vitamin supplements, medical treatment, and hair hygiene all contribute to stronger hair follicles and reduce hair loss.

How many hairs should fall out a day?

It’s normal for women to lose an average of 50-150 hairs daily.  Hair loss is not usually anything to be worried about, but occasionally it can be a sign of a medical condition.  Some types of hair loss are permanent like male and female pattern baldness.

What are the Signs of Excessive Hair Fall?

Pay attention to how much hair you lose daily – regularly fallen hair clumps usually signify excessive hair fall. Additionally, check your hair part every so often. If it looks wider, that’s a tell-tale sign as well.

When Should I See a Doctor for Hair Fall?

We recommend consulting a doctor as soon as you notice excessive hair fall (more than 150 hairs per day). Common signs include hair clumps in the shower or a widening hair part.

Can Hair Regrow After it Falls Out?

It depends on the hair loss cause.  For example, genetic hair loss might not grow back — you might have luck with Minoxidil, but only if you have the necessary scalp enzymes. If your hair loss stems from nutrition or stress, you can usually regrow it with a few lifestyle changes.

Will Changing My Hair Care Routine Reduce Hair Fall?

Absolutely. Keeping brushing to once or twice a day and reducing harsh hair treatments will help you retain those luscious locks. On top of that, switching your hairstyles from tight to loose could also reduce hair fall.

When Should I Consider Wearing a Hair Topper?

A hair topper is a perfect remedy for hair falling at the top of your head. Notice a widening hair part or obvious patches? Cover them up gracefully with a 100% human hair topper.