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How I Found the Best Wig After Chemotherapy Hair Loss

September 21st, 2023 | 5 min. read

How I Found the Best Wig After Chemotherapy Hair Loss

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Facing a cancer journey is often heavy with uncertainty, emotional upheaval, and an exhausting myriad of challenges. For those undergoing chemotherapy, the prospect of losing your hair can be an especially daunting battle.


Real-life Daniel Alain customer, Connie, was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair due to chemotherapy. Finding the best human hair wig for her was a source of hope, a way to regain some semblance of normalcy, and offered a renewed sense of confidence.


Standing on the other side of this challenging chapter of her life, Connie shares her experience to help other people facing a similar situation. We hope that by reading Connie's story, you too will realize that your strength is far greater than the challenges you face.



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Finding a human hair wig for hair loss




“As I reflect back on my cancer journey, there’s a defining moment that keeps coming back to me - the day I sat down for my second or third chemotherapy session. I glanced over and saw a girl with a radiant smile and beautiful, flowing blonde hair. I assumed she was just beginning her cancer battle like me and I struck up a conversation with her. I discovered that it was, in fact, her last day of treatment and when I complimented her hair, she told me it was a wig. I couldn’t believe how completely natural and beautiful it looked. The conversation lasted just a few minutes, but it changed the course of my cancer journey in a way I would never have anticipated.


On this girl’s recommendation, I reached out to the wig consultant who had made her journey a little brighter, and immediately made an appointment for myself. I hadn’t even started to lose my hair yet, but I wanted to be prepared for when I did. The moment she placed the wig on my head, I knew this was the right choice for me. It looked so real, so incredibly natural. And it mimicked the movement of a real head of hair.


I left the salon that day with a newfound sense of optimism. I knew that when the time came for my hair to fall out due to the chemo, I’d have a solution that would allow me to face the world with the same confidence I had before. 



My human hair wig was an investment in myself


Sure, cost was a consideration. These wigs are expensive. But when compared to the emotional toll of losing my hair, it felt like a small price to pay for my well-being. As it turned out, my insurance company covered the cost of one wig per year, but even if it hadn’t, I wouldn’t have hesitated. I even bought a second wig eventually, as I never wanted to be without one. The confidence and sense of normalcy that these wigs gave me was priceless. I was able to be outside and enjoy activities with my loved ones, without feeling like cancer defined me. 


Losing my hair, my eyebrows, and my eyelashes, was one of the most challenging aspects of my cancer journey. Cancer strips away so much - our health, our energy, our sense of control. But with these wigs, I looked like myself and that made me feel like myself. Choosing a wig that resembled my original hair color was an important factor for me. I’ve always been a blonde, and despite the changes I was facing, I wanted to look in the mirror and recognize myself. 




If you’re going through chemotherapy and grappling with the struggles of hair loss, consider finding the best wig for you. The right wig can restore your confidence, your dignity, and your sense of normalcy amid the chaos. Know that you’re not alone. There’s a community of warriors who understand your struggles, and there are solutions that can help you stand up to the challenges you’re facing. 


My chance encounter with that girl in the chemo waiting room was exactly what I needed to pull me through. In turn, I hope that by sharing my story, I can pass on the hope and strength that my wigs brought into my life, to you.”



Do I want to know more about Follea human hair wigs?


A cancer diagnosis and subsequent hair loss due to chemotherapy can feel like a rollercoaster. And in the midst of this uncertainty and vulnerability, you may be wondering where to turn for help and guidance. 


We hope that reading real experiences like Connie’s shows you that human hair wigs are not just a hair loss solution, but a source of strength, hope, and a renewed self-image.


If you would like to know more about Connie’s Follea wigs by Daniel Alain, we encourage you to reach out to our consultants by booking an appointment for a consultation. We would be honored to guide you as you navigate your own journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


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