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Hair Toppers – The Five Worst Mistakes To Avoid

April 23rd, 2024 | 10 min. read

Hair Toppers – The Five Worst Mistakes To Avoid

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Are you navigating the journey of choosing and wearing a hair topper for the first time? Feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety about making it look just right? 


Many first-time topper wearers face common pitfalls that can make the experience less than perfect. But fear not - this article will guide you through the common mistakes and how to avoid them. From finding the perfect placement on your head to securing it properly, blending it seamlessly with your natural hair, and adjusting to how it feels, we’ll cover the essential dos and don’ts. 


By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make your hair topper look as natural and beautiful as possible.



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Mistake #1: Placing the Hair Topper Too Far Forward or Too Far Back


One of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes when wearing a hair topper is incorrect placement on the scalp. 


Amy suffers from hair loss associated with PCOS. She wears a Trend human hair topper from Follea by Daniel Alain, and shares, “to put on my topper, I start with the clips open. Then I flip the hair over and use the two clips at the front to scoop up my natural hair at the front. I give it a quick check in the mirror to make sure it’s in the right spot just slightly behind my natural front hairline and then I fasten the clips at the sides and back.”




The placement of your hair topper can make or break the illusion of natural hair. If a topper is placed too far forward, it can sneak past the natural hairline and make it appear unnatural. On the other hand, positioning it too far back can leave too much of your own thinning hairline exposed. The goal is to find a balance that complements your natural hairline and ensures the topper looks like a seamless extension of your own hair.


Finding the ideal position for your hair topper doesn't have to be a daunting task. Here are some tips to guide you in achieving a natural, flattering fit:


  • Start with Your Natural Hairline: Before attaching your topper, examine your natural hairline. The front edge of the topper should ideally sit a fraction of an inch behind your hairline. This allows for a portion of your natural hair to blend with the topper, creating a more seamless transition.


  • Trial and Error: Don't be afraid to experiment with placement during your first few tries. It might take several adjustments to find the perfect position that looks the most natural and feels comfortable.




Mistake #2: Not Aligning the Part of the Topper with the Part of Your Bio Hair


If the part in your topper and your own hair don't match up, it can be a dead giveaway that you're wearing a topper. It's all about creating that illusion of one continuous, natural head of hair, where no one can tell where your hair ends and the topper begins.




Check  out Amy’s tips for the Perfect Part Alignment


  • Find Your Natural Part: Start by figuring out where your hair naturally likes to part. This is going to be your guide for positioning the topper.


  • Adjust the Topper Before Securing: Before you clip or secure your topper in place, lay it on your head and gently shift it until the part in the topper lines up with your natural part. It might take a bit of nudging and adjusting, but patience is key!


  • Use a Rat Tail Comb for Precision: A rat tail comb can be your best friend for getting that part just right. Use the pointed end to gently nudge and align the hairs in the topper until they sit exactly where you want them.


  • Practice Makes Perfect: Like anything new, getting the hang of aligning the part might take a little bit of practice. Try it out a few times at home until you feel confident about how it looks.


  • Check from All Angles: Once you think you've got it, take a look from different angles using a hand mirror or take a quick selfie. This can help you spot any areas that need a bit more tweaking.





Mistake #3: Not Attaching the Topper Correctly to Ensure It’s Secure


Even if you find the best hair topper for you, any hairpiece that isn’t securely attached can lead to uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing situations. Daniel Alain customer, Kim, wore a bonded topper before finding a Follea Trend topper. The bonded topper was glued to a track shaved into her natural hair around her head and replaced every month. 




“After wearing a bonded topper for so long, I had no idea a clip in topper could feel so secure on my head. It’s much healthier for my hair than shaving the track and putting on nasty adhesives,” Kim explains. “To make sure my topper is secure, I scoop up enough hair into the clips and check that they’re all firmly closed. My topper is so secure and I never let it stop me from doing things I enjoy. I wish I had found it sooner!”




If you wear a topper and aren’t finding it fits securely, a few factors could be contributing to it feeling like it might slip off. Check for:


  • Improper Fit: A topper base-size that doesn't fit your hair loss situation well is more likely to move out of place.


  • Wear and Tear: Over time, clips and attachment mechanisms can wear out, reducing their effectiveness.



Mistake #4: Not Blending the Topper with Your Bio Hair


One of the tricky parts about wearing a topper is making sure it blends in just right with your own hair. Sometimes, if it's not blended well, you might end up with a mismatch in texture or how full it looks. When there's a clear difference, it can kind of steal the spotlight for the wrong reasons, taking away from that natural, confident look you're going for.


After putting on her topper, Amy takes a comb and carefully pulls out some small pieces of bio hair around her front hairline and above her ears. “Then I brush the topper and my natural hair together so that it blends together. I brush the underside of my hair, and around my face. The topper becomes completely invisible -  it’s like magic!”



Mistake #5: Not taking time to get used to the volume and density of a hair topper


Wearing a hair topper for the first time can be a significant change, especially if you've been experiencing hair thinning or loss for a while. The sudden increase in hair volume and density can feel unfamiliar and even overwhelming. It's important to remember that this feeling is temporary and part of the process of embracing your enhanced appearance.


Here are Kim’s tips for easing into your new look.


  • Start in Comfortable Settings: Begin by wearing your topper around the house. This allows you to get used to the feeling of having more hair without the pressure of being in public.


  • Gradually Increase Wear Time: As you become more comfortable with the topper, gradually extend the amount of time you wear it. Short outings can be a good next step, allowing you to adjust to the sensation of wearing the topper in different environments.

  • Wear it in public. Try wearing your hair topper in public settings where you're less likely to encounter people you know. This can be a comforting way to ease into your new look, as it reduces the worry about being scrutinized by familiar faces.


  • Experiment with Styling: Use this time to experiment with different hairstyles. Learning how to style your topper in ways that feel most natural to you can significantly enhance your comfort and confidence.



  • Accept Compliments: When people notice you look good and comment on it, simply thank them and move on. There's no need to mention you're wearing a hair topper if you don't want to.



What’s next on my hair topper journey?


While you might have been worried about the prospect of your hair topper looking unnatural, this article has outlined the common topper mistakes and given you tips for a natural and seamless look.


For more support and to get any specific questions answered, we invite you to book a free consultation with one of our experts. Your journey to a natural, beautiful topper starts now.


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