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How I Maintain My Human Hair Wig - By Mirna Wilson

March 2nd, 2023 | 12 min. read

How I Maintain My Human Hair Wig - By Mirna Wilson

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You’ve received your new human hair wig, and now you’re at a loss on how to care for it.


Human hair wigs are expensive. We understand you want to protect your investment and not do anything to damage it. If you’re not used to having a lot of hair to care for, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling a little out of your depth with managing much more hair than you’re used to. 


We want to reassure you that nobody becomes an expert the second they take their wig home. Most people experience a learning curve but eventually see a boost in self-confidence as they learn to care for their wig and become adept at maintaining the natural beauty of the hair.


Here at Daniel Alain, we’re not only committed to helping women regain their confidence by discovering our beautiful, natural-looking human hair wigs, but we also believe in supporting women as they learn to live with their new hair. We provide post-purchase support through our consultants who are always available to answer any specific questions or concerns, our learning center that is packed full of articles on every stage of the wig-buying process, and our youtube channel that hosts a catalog of how-to videos, real customer stories and other invaluable resources. 


In this article, you’ll learn some invaluable tips for maintaining your human hair wig. Even though we’re confident that over time, you’ll acquire some of your own ‘best practices’ and discover what works best for you, these tips are a great place to get started. We’ve asked influencer, wig-wearer, and real-life Daniel Alain customer, Mirna Wilson, to share her top tips on caring for a human hair wig so that you can become your own personal stylist.


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Washing a human hair wig




While Mirna’s step-by-step tutorial on how to wash a wig will give you in-depth information, here she speaks in general terms about how taking charge of caring for your wig can enhance your sense of ownership and give you more confidence when wearing it.


We all start somewhere. 


Mirna has been wearing wigs for 5 years and these days she confidently cares for her wigs and has discovered her own routine for maintaining their beauty. But she didn’t start out this way. As a wig newcomer, Mirna was so afraid to ruin her wig that she would drop it off at a salon for a biweekly wash that she didn’t dare to do herself. These days she enjoys taking care of her wig herself and has perfected her look to achieve maximum natural beauty.


“I was too scared to wash my own wig so I dropped it off at that same salon and had them wash it and curl it for me. I wasn’t interested in learning how to take care of it myself because I wasn’t invested in it. It didn’t feel like a natural part of me.


When I first tried on my Follea wig, I was shocked at how amazing it looked. It was so realistic and beautiful. It was such a different experience. I was finally experiencing the feeling of being beautiful I had been searching for.”


How often you wash a wig will depend on a variety of factors. 


Do you wear your wig daily?

Do you exercise in it?

Do you use a lot of styling products?


Mirna wears wigs daily, has a couple of wigs she alternates through, and finds that washing her wig every six to eight times is optimum for her. 


“I wash my human hair wigs every six to eight days, and I like to use salon-quality products. I use a deep conditioning treatment every other wash and a fine tooth comb to disperse the hair mask throughout the strands.


Learning to take care of your wig gives you confidence. I had been at the mercy of my hair loss for so long and was ready to be in control.”





Drying a human hair wig




Our Follea wigs love being left to air dry on a wig drying stand. Most people prefer to wash their wig and leave it to air dry overnight. They will dry smoothly and with no frizz. If you scrunch it with your hands while wet, it will have a light, natural curl. If you comb it straight, it’ll be smooth and sleek. In the morning the wig is ready for any finishing touches. 


Mirna sets her wig onto a collapsible wig stand overnight to dry. Air can circulate under and around the wig stand, drying the wig evenly and consistently. 




“I air dry all of my human hair pieces on a collapsible wig stand versus using a canvas blockhead, because the canvas blockhead could stretch out your caps.


Once the piece is fully air-dried, I place it on a canvas blockhead for blow-drying. I use T pins placed just after the lace front, at the ear tabs, and the nape. This ensures the wig is not moving while I’m using a round brush and blow drying.




As far as blow drying goes, I prefer using an Instyler simply because I'm more comfortable with one tool to blow dry the hair and it's just easier for me. I’m not a hair stylist in my previous life!”



Brushing a human hair wig




As with all hair, brushing is important to prevent tangles and maintain a healthy, shiny, knot-free wig. Wigs don’t benefit from a scalp’s natural lubricating oils so they’re a bit more likely to tangle than bio hair. Regular brushing will keep your wig looking its best. When brushing your wig, use a high quality, gentle brush such as the detangling pin brush by Daniel Alain, and always start by brushing out the ends and work your way up the lengths. 


“I brush my wig after every wear. I like to take my wig off, hold it by the lace front with my thumb on top and the rest of my hand on the underside. I brush out the mid lengths to the bottom then work my way up the hair and brush the entire length. I use a detangling pin brush when brushing my wigs, and a fine tooth comb when I do any parting or styling.”



Maintaining the lace front of a human hair wig


Mirna is always being asked to share how she achieves a natural-looking front hairline, and it comes down to maintaining the lace front and keeping it in perfect condition. The lace front is the most delicate part of a wig and to keep it in tip-top condition, Mirna is emphatic about not handling it too often.




“The lace front is a very delicate part of your wig and I treat it as such. I don’t manipulate it at all with my hands, and I use the ear tabs to take the wig on and off. I never use my hand on the lace front because you might fray or damage it.”





Products to use on a human hair wig


Every product you use on bio hair can be used on human hair wigs. Mirna uses a salon-grade shampoo, conditioner, and conditioning mask. If you’re styling your wigs with heat tools, it’s important to protect the hair and to use high-quality products to maintain the wig’s natural beauty.


“I always use a heat protectant when styling my human hair wigs. You want to preserve the longevity of the hair as much as you can.




I’ll use a hair oil to create shine and give some moisture to the piece in between washes.”


Is a human hair wig right for you?


Bringing home a new human hair wig can feel daunting. If you’re not used to having a lot of hair that needs styling, or suddenly being charged with caring for a very expensive piece can feel intimidating. You might even be worried about doing something that will ruin your wig forever - after all, it’s not going to grow back as bio hair would.


Mirna used to feel exactly the same way when she first started wearing wigs. But now she breezes through washing, brushing, drying, and styling her wigs with ease and confidence. If Mirna can do it - you can too!


If you’re ready to explore wearing a human hair wig, booking a consultation with the team at Daniel Alain is the first step on your journey. We can help with any questions or concerns about finding the perfect Follea human hair wig by Daniel Alain, and we can guide you through the process of finding the right wig for you. 



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