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How I Style My Human Hair Wig - By Mirna Wilson

February 28th, 2023 | 11 min. read

How I Style My Human Hair Wig - By Mirna Wilson

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Have you seen photos of people wearing human hair wigs and assumed they’ve been styled by a team of professionals and made to look good in the photos? Are you skeptical that’s not how they look in real life?


Learning to take care of a human hair wig can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you’re not used to taking care of a full head of hair. We wouldn’t blame you for feeling worried about not being able to reproduce the looks you’ve seen created and paraded on websites or social media.


We’re here to help.


At Daniel Alain, we provide life-long support to our customers. Our human hair wigs are among the best in the world, and learning to take care of them, style them, and make them feel like a part of you, is all part of achieving the most natural look. We know all there is to know about human hair wigs and support our customers long after the purchase. We’re confident you can recreate the looks you’ve seen with the right know-how, tools, and practice.


Learning to style your human hair wig can make it feel (and look!) more natural to you.


Mirna has been wearing human hair wigs for over five years, and she’s well-known on social media for creating her ‘signature look’ with our Follea René human hair wigs by Daniel Alain. We’ve asked Mirna to share the secrets to her look so you can try it out yourself.


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Mirna’s hair loss and discovering Follea human hair wigs by Daniel Alain




Mirna suffers from alopecia areata. After many years of hiding her hair loss, experimenting with lotions and creams to regrow her hair, and wearing wigs that didn’t feel natural to her, she discovered Follea wigs by Daniel Alain. Finding a natural and beautiful solution to the trauma of losing her hair helped Mirna regain her confidence. No more declining invitations to be sociable. No more hiding beneath baseball caps. And no more avoiding being in photos with her young family. Mirna’s human hair wig allows her to feel like herself, and she is able to enjoy life to the fullest.




Mirna found the right wig for her by booking a consultation with the team at Daniel Alain. She is adamant that having a private wig consultation was crucial in helping her find her perfect match. Achieving the ideal fit resulted in maximum comfort and security. And the premium quality hair ensured her wig looked as beautiful on the outside as Mirna felt on the inside. Her first Follea wig immediately felt like a part of her, and she had finally found the hair of her dreams.


Over the years, Mirna has gained the confidence to make her René wig work for her. 


In all these photos, Mirna has washed and styled her wig herself. No team of professional stylists worked on her wig beforehand. Mirna makes wig-wearing look easy and natural, but she would be the first to admit she’s not a professional. She has picked up tips and tricks along the way, and here she shares some of them with you.



What are the features of the Follea René wig?


Our René wig collection is made from World Select Hair, which blends the best of Chinese and Indian hair to create beautiful, luxurious wigs with natural volume and fluidity. René wigs are thicker and fuller than our other collections and feature a hand-tied lace top and machine-wefted sides. The René has a lace top and lace front across the forehead to create a natural hairline. The collection is available in four lengths: 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16”.



Mirna’s signature look


Mirna openly shares her hair loss journey with her online following so that others can learn from her experience. By talking about hair loss and wig-wearing, she’s helping to rewrite the narrative surrounding women’s hair loss. Mirna is often asked how she achieves her signature look. Here she shares her routine for perfecting a defined, sleek part, how she achieves a faux scalp appearance, and how she creates beautiful, loose curls that last up to a week.


“​My signature look is a defined part with loose curls. It has become a part of me!” 



Step 1: How Mirna achieves a defined part on her human hair wig




To start, Mirna works on defining her part. First, she uses a fine tooth comb to create a meticulously straight middle part while the wig is still wet and freshly washed. With the part in place, she leaves the wig to air dry overnight and then works on perfecting her look the next day.


Once the piece is air dry, Mirna blasts the hair on each side of the part with a hot air brush.


“The hairs are individually tied onto the top of the cap so they can lay in any direction I want. I love a middle part so I work the hair with a hot air brush so that it all goes in the direction I want it to.”


Step 2: How Mirna achieves a faux scalp appearance on her human hair wig


The René wig features a lace top which, unlike a skin top wig, does not mimic the look of a real scalp. Mirna likes to create a more natural-looking scalp and shares a trick to achieve this.




“I like to create a faux scalp appearance using silicone scar tape. I place it on the underside of my lace top and it conceals my bio hair as well as creating a scalp-like appearance.”


Step 3: How Mirna creates loose curls on her human hair wig


Once her middle part is in place, Mirna uses a curling iron to create loose waves that fall about her shoulders.



“I always protect my wigs with a heat protectant before I use any hot tools on it. To achieve my loose curls I use a 1” barrelled curling iron on a low-medium heat setting. I always curl away from my face. Once the curls have cooled, I spray them with a little hairspray. And at the ends, I like to use a little salon quality hair oil to create some shine.”



Step 4: How Mirna secures the lace front


Mirna perfects her look by securing the lace front to her forehead with a little adhesive. Some people don’t find it necessary to add this step and you can definitely wear our wigs without glues and adhesives, but Mirna likes the added security it gives.




“A tip I have for securing your piece is to use a little bit of stronghold hairspray on the lace front. I put a little spray on my fingertips and pat it onto the lace front. It gets a little tacky and when I place my wig on my head, it gives me a little extra security all day long. The lace front stays in place and lies flat.”


How Mirna customizes her human hair wig




One of the benefits of human hair wigs is that they can be cut and customized to suit your face shape and overall desired look. Mirna takes her René to her stylist for small tweaks to perfect her look. 


“For my signature look, I like to have my stylist cut in little baby hairs around the ear tabs so that when I tuck my hair behind my ear, it looks like natural bio hair.”



Is a human hair wig right for you?


Wondering whether a human hair wig is right for you but concerned about managing a full head of hair you’re not used to?


We hope we’ve cleared up some of the mystery surrounding styling human hair wigs and proved that you don’t have to be an expert to create natural, beautiful, every day looks with wigs.


Ready to explore more? Booking a consultation is a great place to start. Our experienced team of consultants is ready to guide you through finding the right wig for you and is available for long-term support. 



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