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How I Wash My Wig – By Mirna Wilson

February 14th, 2023 | 9 min. read

How I Wash My Wig – By Mirna Wilson

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Are you uncertain about how to wash your human hair wig? 


Maybe you’re considering a human hair wig and researching what owning one entails.


Perhaps you’re concerned that the upkeep and maintenance are more than you can handle.


Let us reassure you. 


A human hair wig requires no more effort than bio hair.


At Daniel Alain, we’ve been educating our customers on how to care for their human hair wigs for over two decades. We’re committed to providing support throughout the purchasing process and we are here to help long after the transaction has been completed. Our human hair wigs are considered to be among the best in the world, and we love seeing women feel empowered as they become accustomed to a beautiful head of hair.


Washing your human hair wig is not as daunting as you think. Learning to take care of your wig can give you a sense of ownership when wearing it. You’ve likely been at the mercy of your hair loss for a while. Now it’s time for you to take control. When you’re in charge of your wig, you’ll have an extra spring in your step and a giant boost of self-confidence.


Mirna Wilson suffers from alopecia areata and has been wearing wigs for five years. She has a large online following and is passionate about educating others about the realities of wearing hair. We’ve asked Mirna to explain how she washes her wigs. We hope you’ll see it as the simple process it is.



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Before she starts, Mirna brushes out her wig to remove all the tangles. Once it’s wet, it’s very difficult to smooth out the tangles, so she makes sure to brush it out when it’s still dry. She washes her wigs in a tub placed inside her kitchen sink. 



1. Fill up a tub with water. I fill up my tub with water and add a few pumps of shampoo as it fills. I mix the water with my hand to create foam.




2. How to hold the lace top. The lace top is the most delicate part of a wig, so I handle it with care. As I wash my wig, I hold it in a way that protects the lace front. I put my thumb on top and the rest of my hand on the underside. 




3. Dip the wig into the water. I dip my wig in and out of the water to coat the hair with shampoo.




4. Wash the lace front and nape. Makeup and sweat can build up along the underside of the lace front and at the nape. I take a little shampoo and work it very gently into those areas with my fingers. It creates a lather that I only work across the lace, not the hair, otherwise, it’ll cause the hair to tangle.




5. Rinse the shampoo. I empty the tub and refill it with fresh water. I repeat the dipping method to rinse the shampoo out of the wig until the water runs clear.



6. Condition the wig. To condition my wig, I put some deep conditioner mask into my hand and run it through the mid-lengths of the wig with my fingers. I avoid the knots and the machine-wefting because the conditioner could cause the hair to come loose from the wig cap. Next, I take a comb and distribute the conditioner through the piece. 


7. Leave the conditioner in for 5 mins. I empty the tub and leave the wig to sit in the conditioner for about 5 minutes.




8. Rinse the conditioner. After 5 minutes, I turn on the tap to flow with a gentle trickle. I place my wig under the water and allow the conditioner to rinse out. I rub my hand through the piece to help rinse it and always avoid holding the wig by the lace front.




9. Remove the excess water. I use my hand to squeegee out the excess water before wrapping it in a clean towel and gently patting it dry.




10. Brush the hair. Holding the hair without touching the lace front, I take my paddle brush and brush it gently.




11. Place on wig stand to dry. I place my damp wig on a collapsible wig stand. I’m mindful of the lace front because I don’t want to stretch it. I use a collapsible wig stand to allow air to flow throughout the whole cap. Placing it on a canvas blockhead to dry is likely to stretch out the cap, and your wig won’t fit correctly.


12. Air dry the wig. I air-dry my wigs overnight ready to style the next day.

Am I ready for a human hair wig?


Deciding to wear a human hair wig can feel like a big deal. You might be apprehensive to leap into the unknown, and that’s understandable. 


That’s why we’re committed to educating women about how to wear and care for their human hair wigs. With education and continued learning about wig care, the unknown can seem less daunting and more exciting. If you’ve been suffering from hair loss, we’re confident that our human hair wigs can bring you a joy and enthusiasm for life you might have not experienced for a while.

Doing your research before any significant purchase is important. Learning about how to wash a human hair wig and reading tips for wig maintenance will ensure you’re getting started in the right way. If you have any questions about caring for a human hair wig or help to decide which wig is right for you, our team of consultants is here to help via a free consultation.