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Can I Wear a Human Hair Topper to the Gym?

March 28th, 2023 | 10 min. read

Can I Wear a Human Hair Topper to the Gym?

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If you’re suffering from hair loss and considering a human hair topper, you might find yourself with questions about how wearing a human hair topper will fit in with your lifestyle. If you’re an active person, you will want to be sure that wearing a human hair topper won’t hold you back from participating in the activities you enjoy. 


Here at Daniel Alain, we make and sell premium quality human hair wigs and toppers. We’ve established ourselves as leaders in our industry by helping customers find the perfect hairpiece for them, and by providing continued education and support to anyone who buys a wig or topper, no matter where they were purchased from.


In this article, we are going to discuss the common questions our customers ask us about working out in a human hair topper.


Can I wear a human hair topper to the gym?


Will my human hair topper stay in place when I’m working out?


Can I wear my hair up in a human hair topper to work out?


Will I damage my human hair topper if I swim in it?


How long can I expect my human hair topper to last if I exercise in it?


We hope that by having the answer to some of the commonly asked questions, you will be able to decide whether or not a human hair topper is the right option for you and your lifestyle. 


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What is a human hair topper?




A human hair topper is a hairpiece that attaches to your head either by clipping it to your existing hair or by adhering it with glue to the scalp. People who wear a human hair topper will have some existing hair and don’t need the coverage of a full wig, but may have hair thinning over the entire scalp or bald patches they wish to cover.


If you seek the best human hair topper for thinning hair,  you’ll want to know that it can keep pace with your busy, active lifestyle. Many women who wear a topper enjoy their benefits from the moment they first put it on, and they want to wear them (and not worry about damaging them) no matter what they’re putting them through.



Can I wear a human hair topper to the gym?


Yes! You absolutely can wear a human hair topper to the gym. Investing in yourself by working out regularly improves the body as well as the mind. And if wearing a hair topper also makes you feel more confident, then absolutely wear it while you work out. 


Emily has been wearing Follea human hair toppers by Daniel Alain for two years. As a professional figure skater and coach, Emily leads a very busy and active lifestyle. 




“In addition to figure skating, I take tap, ballet, and jazz dance lessons. I visit the gym every day and participate in pilates, kickboxing, and TRX classes,” says Emily. “I wear my hair topper for all of these activities.”



Will my human hair topper stay in place when working out?




One of the main concerns about working out in a human hair topper is whether it will stay in place. Vigorous workouts such as gym classes, jogging, TRX classes, or hot yoga can put our hair (and our bodies!) through the wringer, and anyone wearing a human hair topper needs to feel confident it’s not going to fall off.


“I’ve never been worried about my hair topper falling off while taking part in any activity,” explains Emily. “Whether it’s jumping or spinning on the ice, tap dancing, or an intense workout, I feel very confident that my topper will stay in place.”


The secret to ensuring the hair topper will stay in place is making sure you have the perfect fit. There are lots of ways to buy a topper online or in a store, but having a consultation, taking measurements, and trying out different sizes are crucial in helping you find the right piece for you.




If you’re worried that your hair topper might fall off or look noticeable while you workout, I want you to know that as long as you’ve had it sized properly, and it fits to your head adequately with the clips, you won’t have any worries about it falling off while you lead an active lifestyle,” says Emily.



Can I wear my hair up in a human hair topper?




Let’s face it, working out means you’re bound to get hot and sweaty. While your hair topper is unlikely to cause any significant extra heat, you’ll probably want to tie it back at some point and keep it out of your face and away from your neck.


If you’re wearing a human hair topper you can gather it up, along with your existing hair, and put it up in a ponytail in the same way anyone with a full head of hair would do. 


“When I’m ice skating, I usually wear my hair in a ponytail. For tap or ballet class, I wear it in a low bun,” Emily explains. “Sometimes I’ll wear braids, or a half-up or half down look. Other times, I’ll just throw on a headband. I love the versatility of my human hair topper.”



Can I wear my human hair topper to swim?




Here at Daniel Alain, our human hair toppers start at just over $1,000 for the smallest size. To protect your investment and to keep it looking its best, we don’t recommend swimming in your topper. While your topper is sturdy, it’s possible that chemicals from a pool, or sea salt and sunlight from the ocean can damage the hair, fade the color, or cause tangling and dryness.


You’ll also want to remember that your bio hair is most fragile when wet. Clipping in a topper while you swim can cause breakage and further damage to your existing hair; something that you likely want to avoid.


If you don’t feel comfortable going without hair to swim, you might want to consider a swim cap, wide-brim hat, or even a baseball cap to keep the sun off your head.



How long will my human hair topper last?


Human hair toppers are expensive and you’ll want to make sure you get value for money. With proper care and maintenance, you should expect a good quality human hair topper to last several years. Wash your topper every 7 - 10 days (and more often if you’re working out in it regularly), use salon-grade shampoos and conditioner, and apply a high-quality heat protectant if you’re using a straightening iron or curling wand to style your hair. 


The best way to find out more about the longevity of a human hair topper is to see what real-life customers are saying about a brand's pieces. Reading reviews or checking out what people are saying on social media are great ways to get honest, unbiased opinions from others.



Is a human hair topper the right option for me?


We know that deciding to wear a human hair topper can feel daunting. With so many things to consider about how a human hair topper will fit in with your daily life and interests, you want to make sure you make the right choice from the outset. 


We know there are many human hair toppers to choose from, but the best human hair topper is the one that you wear with confidence and makes you feel great about yourself. Anything less is not good enough.


If you’re interested in the toppers from Follea by Daniel Alain, you can read all about them on our website. If you are curious about how to find the right one for you, learning about how to find the best human hair topper for you is a great way to ensure you end up with the topper of your dreams.

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