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Are Human Hair Toppers Comfortable Enough To Wear All Day?

May 16th, 2024 | 11 min. read

Are Human Hair Toppers Comfortable Enough To Wear All Day?

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Nearly 80% of women will experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60, and increasingly, many are turning to human hair toppers for a natural-looking solution. If you’re feeling self-conscious about thinning hair or a widening part, you may be considering a human hair topper but wondering if you’ll find it comfortable enough to wear all day.


In this article, we’ll explore the real-life experiences of customers who have chosen high-quality human hair toppers from Daniel Alain. You’ll hear their stories and get insights to help you decide if a hair topper is the right choice for your lifestyle.



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What Are Human Hair Toppers?


A human hair topper is a hairpiece specifically designed to cover partial areas of the head rather than the whole scalp, which is typically the case with full wigs. This makes toppers an ideal choice for people looking to add volume, coverage, or fullness to thinning parts of their hair without wearing a full wig.



Whether you’re experiencing hair thinning at the crown, a widening part, or a loss of overall density, a topper will blend with your existing hair to ensure a look that is natural and flattering.



Benefits of Choosing a Human Hair Topper


Many of our customers have shared stories with us about how finding the right human hair topper has significantly boosted their self-confidence. When they discover a topper that seamlessly blends with their natural hair, it restores the appearance of a full, healthy head of hair and revives their confidence to make them feel more like themselves again. They enjoy re-engaging in activities without the worry that their hair is the focal point of attention for the wrong reasons.



Our customer, Amy, attests to this boost in confidence and says, “The biggest change is when I go out and I’m actually doing something I enjoy. I’m not worried about my hair anymore. I never let my hair loss stop me from doing things I love but it was always in the back of my mind. I was always afraid of it.”



Is a Hair Topper Comfortable for Daily Wear?


Many of our first-time customers choose to purchase one of our toppers after wearing hair extensions for a number of years. One significant advantage of a human hair topper over traditional hair extensions or bonded toppers is their comfort, particularly when it comes to how they feel on the scalp throughout the day.


Our customer Merritt wore extensions when her hair first started thinning and recalls, “As women we try so hard to feel good in our own skin. Growing up I had a lot of hair but as I started thinning, I wore extensions which only seemed to make the hair loss worse. They pulled on my scalp and tugged out my hair.”


Unlike hair extensions, which can often feel tight and cause discomfort due to the constant tension they place on natural hair, human hair toppers are designed for a gentle, non-restrictive fit. This means less strain on your scalp and natural hair, and a reduced risk of discomfort or damage associated with hair extensions.


Another customer, Kim, used to wear a bonded topper that was adhered to her shaved head every month. After switching to a clip-in human hair topper, Kim quickly learned to enjoy the flexibility that allowed her to remove her topper at the end of the day.




“One of the things I found to be extremely enjoyable about my topper is being able to take it on and off quickly. It has never given me an ounce of pain that the bonded topper had given me over the years,” says Kim.



Follea Human Hair Toppers Design Features for Comfort


At Daniel Alain, we understand that your comfort is just as important as a natural look. That’s why our Follea toppers are engineered with specific design features aimed at maximizing comfort for all-day wear.


One of the striking features of Follea toppers is that they are comfortable to wear all day. Their lightweight design ensures that the topper feels almost weightless on your head to minimize any strain on your natural hair and scalp. It’s like it’s not there at all. You’re able to move freely and comfortably throughout your day without a second thought about your hair.


Kim describes her Follea topper as, “extremely lightweight.” She adds, “it was quite easy to get used to because it was so comfortable from the get-go.”


We also use breathable materials in the construction of our hair toppers. This ensures good air circulation to the scalp to keep you cool and comfortable even on warmer days or during more strenuous activities. “I’ve never felt hot wearing it. It’s so easy to wear all the time,” says Kim.




Finding the best human hair topper means it will feel secure on your head to give you confidence that it will stay in place whether you’re running errands, attending a meeting, or enjoying an evening out. Amy is an avid theme park visitor and says, “My topper is very secure and always stays in place. I ride roller coasters without worrying it will fall off!”



Tips for Wearing Your Human Hair Topper Comfortably All Day


Whether or not you decide to tell others you're wearing a hair topper, the added boost you'll feel can greatly enhance your look and confidence. Knowing how to wear it comfortably all day is key. Here are some practical tips to help you secure your topper, maintain your scalp's health, and ensure the best fit, all while keeping your topper looking its best.



Securing Your Topper

Start by opening the clips on the topper. Next, align the part of the topper with the part of your natural hair. Secure the front clips about 1/4" behind your front hairline and snap them closed. Then work your way towards the back of your head and secure each clip. Make sure you've caught enough of your natural hair in the clips so that the topper will stay in place. Avoid clipping too tightly, as this can lead to discomfort or strain on your natural hair.


To make your topper blend perfectly with your natural hair, take a rat tail comb and pull some of your natural hair around your front hairline, in front of the topper. Then brush your hair through, combining your own hair with the topper.

Maintaining Scalp Health

To keep your scalp healthy under the topper, make sure to wash your natural hair regularly. Use a gentle shampoo to avoid irritation and ensure that your scalp is completely dry before placing the topper. 

Daily Maintenance Routines

To keep your topper in pristine condition, brush it gently with a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb. This helps prevent tangles and keeps the hair looking smooth and natural. It's also important to store your topper properly when not in use; place it on a mannequin head or in a silk bag to help maintain its shape and texture.



Overcoming Common Hair Topper Comfort Concerns


Wearing a human hair topper should be a seamless and comfortable experience. However, like any new addition to your personal care routine, there might be minor challenges along the way. Here are some common mistakes associated with wearing a hair topper, and solutions to help you enjoy a better wearing experience.


  • Overheating: Choose a topper made with high-quality breathable materials and a lightweight base. Ensure proper ventilation to the scalp by adjusting the fit so it’s not too tight.
  • Securing the Topper Without Discomfort: Use pressure-sensitive clips for a softer touch and adjust them to a comfortable tightness. Regularly check the placement of clips to distribute pressure evenly and avoid tension spots.



What Are My Next Steps in Choosing the Right Human Hair Topper?


Hair loss and thinning can be challenging. It may impact your appearance and even how you feel about yourself. If you’ve felt uncertain or frustrated about losing your hair, you’re probably searching for a solution that fits seamlessly into your life and restores your confidence.


Now that you know more about human hair toppers and how they are designed to blend perfectly with your natural hair and fit comfortably all day, you may be asking yourself how to go about finding the right human hair topper for your unique situation.


We invite you to book a consultation with one of our specialists who can help you choose the perfect Follea topper for you. We offer private consultations and our consultants can help you find a hair topper that allows you to embrace every day with confidence.


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