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Lace Front Human Hair Wigs: How To Create the Most Realistic Hairline

March 9th, 2023 | 12 min. read

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs: How To Create the Most Realistic Hairline

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Experiencing hair loss can be emotionally distressing. Trying lotions, creams, and magic hair loss cures that don’t produce the results they promise can be frustrating and demoralizing. Maybe you feel it’s time to consider a human hair wig, but you’re reluctant because you’re worried it won’t look natural. You may have seen images of people wearing wigs that look obvious and fake, and you’re concerned that’s how every wig looks.


A problem spot for some wigs is the front hairline. They can look thick, heavy, and frankly, unnatural. They don’t blend seamlessly at the forehead and can be a telltale sign of wig-wearing.


Here at Daniel Alain, we’ve been crafting the most natural-looking human hair wigs for over 20 years. Our wigs are crafted from premium human hair, and we offer a variety of lengths, colors, and cap sizes to transform your look. We offer free, private consultations to help obtain accurate measurements and are committed to helping you find the most natural-looking wig for you. We also believe in providing ongoing support so that after you’ve found the right wig, you have the education and know-how to keep it looking its best.


We can assure you that human hair wigs can look completely natural. You’ve likely walked past plenty of people wearing one, and you haven’t even noticed.




In this article, Mirna shares her tips for achieving the most realistic front hairline. Mirna has been wearing human hair wigs for five years and has become an expert at making her pieces work for her. Mirna’s wigs look completely natural, and while she’s not a professional stylist, Mirna is often asked to share tips and tricks to achieve her look.



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Getting measured for a human hair wig




Mirna adamantly maintains the importance of getting accurately measured and asserts that a correctly fitting wig cap is the most important thing when it comes to achieving a natural-looking front hairline.


“The most important factor in achieving a natural hairline is proper sizing. Getting measured is key to having a natural-looking hairline,” says Mirna emphatically. “Whether you’re measuring yourself or working with a stylist or consultant, sizing matters.”


If your cap is too large, your lace front will lift up or slide back. If the cap is too small, you risk stretching out the cap and eventually causing the lace front to fray. With proper sizing, your hairline will look beautifully natural and will lie perfectly flat against your forehead.


At Daniel Alain, we can help with taking measurements via a complimentary consultation. Our consultations can be in-person in our Newport Beach, CA showroom, or virtually over Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. During a consultation, one of our experts will listen to your hair loss concerns and guide you through the process of finding the perfect wig or topper for you. Mirna advocates for the importance of a thorough wig consultation and ongoing support.




“My consultant made me feel more confident that I was making the right choice. It made me feel empowered and like I was in the driver’s seat. I found the hair of my dreams,” says Mirna.


Another unique service we offer at Daniel Alain is our Fit Kit. During a consultation, your experienced consultant will help you find your correct size range, narrow down your desired hair colors, and discuss hair length and expectations which may affect which wig is best for you. You will then be sent a Fit Kit with a range of cap sizes and hair samples. This allows you to try out the caps and wear them for an extended period of time to see how they fit before you commit to purchasing.


“With the Fit kit, you're able to try on different cap sizes and actually wear them around in your normal life and you will determine what fits you the best, what's the most comfortable and if it's the right size for you.”





Cutting the front lace of a human hair wig


When you purchase one of our human hair wigs, the lace front will initially be intact. Once you’ve decided to keep your piece, the lace front will need to be trimmed. While it can be scary to take a pair of scissors to a costly wig, we can assure you that it’s not as difficult as it seems.




To cut the lace front yourself, start by locating the stitched guideline that runs across the front lace. This guideline will NOT be cut so that the lace doesn’t unravel and the piece continues to fit snugly around your forehead. 




Next, take a pair of small, sharp scissors, and trim the lace to ⅛” to ¼” away from the guideline. 




If you’re still nervous about trimming the lace front yourself, you can speak to your Daniel Alain consultant and they can trim it for you.




Keeping the front hairline in place


While cutting the lace front is the only thing you need to do to get a natural looking hairline, Mirna likes to add an extra step for an added layer of security. She uses hairspray as an adhesive and applies a little to the lace front with her fingertips.


“I like to add a little bit of stronghold hairspray to my front hairline, just for extra security,” explains Mirna. “This little trick gives me the comfort of knowing that my wig is not going to come off. To apply the hairspray, I apply a little bit to my fingertips and then tap it onto the front hairline. Then I put my wig on as it gets tacky. It stays put the whole day.”


And to remove her wig at the end of the day?


“To remove my wig and release the hairspray adhesive, you simply use pull up and the ear tabs. The wig will simply lift off without issue.”



Washing the front hairline


When washing her wig, Mirna is sure to give the front hairline some special care and attention to keep it looking in perfect condition. 




“Makeup and sweat can build up around the lace front so I’m careful to wash it out every time I wash my wig. I take a little shampoo and place it on the underside of the lace front. Then I gently work in the shampoo until it’s nice and foamy. Then I rinse it by dipping it into fresh, clean water.”



Avoid handling the lace front


Though the front lace is a workhorse that continues to deliver a perfect look month after month, year after year, it remains the most delicate and fragile part of your human hair wig. Mirna rarely touches the front lace aside from washing and applying the adhesive, and does everything she can to keep it looking as perfect as the day she purchased her wig.


“One final tip is to remember that your lace front is your most delicate part of your wig, so do your best to only handle your piece through your ear tabs,” she says.




Protecting the lace front will keep it looking natural and indistinguishable from a real head of hair. When taking the piece on and off, Mirna only uses the ear tabs. And when she needs to handle the wig for washing, she places her thumb on top of the wig but away from the lace front, and the rest of her hand on the underside of the wig. This way she avoids touching the lace front altogether. 



Is a human hair wig the right option for you?


Scared that a human hair wig will be a dead giveaway and everyone will know you’re wearing hair? Maybe you’re hesitant to wear a wig because you think they look ‘wiggy’?


Wigs have come a long way since the fake and unnatural-looking wigs of the past. They’ve been replaced with natural-looking human hair wigs that not only look and feel like the real thing but also move with the natural bounce of a real head of hair. The best wigs are the ones that nobody notices and you forget are there.


If you’d like to know more about our human hair wigs and are considering if one is right for you, learning more about what makes the best human hair wig is a great way to continue learning.

If you’re ready to have your own free consultation, you can book an appointment with one of our expert consultants who will be happy to guide you through the process of discovering your own dream hair. 


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