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Navigating Progressive Hair Loss with Confidence

May 23rd, 2024 | 14 min. read

Navigating Progressive Hair Loss with Confidence

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Are you considering a shift from your human hair topper to a full wig as your hair continues to thin? It can feel like a significant decision, especially as your needs evolve with progressive hair loss and it’s natural to feel a mix of emotions during this change. Making the transition from topper to wig can stir up worries and negative thoughts, especially if you’re concerned about how others will perceive you.


Daniel Alain is here to support you through these challenges by offering understanding and encouragement. Think of us as your hair loss BFF as we explore how to approach this transition with positivity and grace, and turn a moment of uncertainty into a step toward empowerment.



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Understanding Hair Toppers and Wigs




When you begin to notice your hair thinning or shedding, choosing the right hair solution is crucial for maintaining your appearance and self-confidence. Human hair toppers and wigs are two popular choices that cater to different needs and stages of hair loss.

Human Hair Toppers

Human hair toppers are partial courage pieces designed to blend seamlessly with your existing hair. They are perfect for anyone in the early stages of hair thinning, primarily used to add volume and coverage to the top and crown of the head where hair loss may be most noticeable.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs, on the other hand, provide full coverage and are ideal for more advanced stages of hair loss. Unlike toppers, wigs cover the entire scalp, provide uniform density, and the opportunity to completely revamp your hairstyle if you choose.


For people whose hair thinning has progressed beyond the help of toppers, wigs offer a comprehensive solution. They restore a full head of hair and give you the freedom to experiment with different styles and colors without damaging your natural hair.


As hair loss advances, the need for more extensive coverage and styling flexibility often makes wigs a more suitable option. 



The Progression of Hair Loss: Merritt’s Journey




For Daniel Alain customer, Merritt, the initial solution to her hair thinning was a human hair topper. It was easy, she recalls. I just clipped it on and felt instantly more glamorous. It hid my grays and gave me volume where my hair was getting thin.”


At first, the topper was just right for Merritt while her hair was just starting to thin out. But things changed after she went through some unexpected, post-surgical complications and subsequent trauma-related hair loss. As her hair loss progressed, the topper could no longer grip her now sparse hair and it was a clear sign she had outgrown the solution she relied on.


“My scalp was too sensitive, and the clips just wouldn’t hold,” Merritt explains.


Transitioning to a wig was an emotional hurdle. Merritt shares, Initially, I felt sad going from a topper to a wig. Psychologically, it’s devastating to lose your hair, but coming to terms with it allowed me to turn a corner.” Once she tried a natural-looking human hair wig, Merritt knew she had found a new kind of freedom.




“I don’t worry about my own hair now. I just put on my wig, and I’m good to go!” Wigs give Merritt a chance to fully cover and protect her natural hair, eliminate the need for blending, and allow her to be ready to leave the house at a moment’s notice. Most of all, her beautiful human hair wig allows Merritt to feel like herself.


At the end of the day, Merritt’s wigs aren’t just about covering her hair loss; they’ve opened up a whole new world. “I have multiple wigs in multiple colors. I love them all! I never thought I’d go blonde, but here I am! ” she laughs.


Merrit faced the deep-seated fears that come with hair loss but found a silver lining. "With my wigs, I’m a better version of myself..that makes me feel pretty sassy," she says with a chuckle. 



The Advantages of Switching to a Wig




If you’re facing more hair loss than you used to, you might find that wigs are a helpful next step. Here’s why:

Full Coverage

Wigs give you complete coverage all over your head, which is a big help if you’re dealing with significant hair loss. 

Styling Freedom

With a wig, you can change up your look whenever you want and play with different styles and colors without any long-term commitment.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

For people who have lost a lot of hair, finding the right wig that looks completely natural and fits comfortably and securely will give you one less thing to worry about during your day.



How to Choose the Right Wig




Selecting the right wig can be a pivotal step in your journey with hair loss, and it’s important to find one that makes you feel like yourself.


While it's great to start with some basic knowledge about what you’re looking for in a wig, nothing beats a one-on-one consultation with an experienced stylist. They can take accurate measurements of your head to ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit. Trying on different cap sizes in person can make all the difference in finding a wig that you forget you’re even wearing. You’ll also get to touch and see the hair, helping you choose a wig that looks and feels just right.


“I would encourage you to talk to a consultant,” urges Merritt. My consultant was amazing - she even sent me videos on how to use a flat iron that I had never used on my own hair previously. She was wonderful and I’ve never looked back.”



What’s next in my hair loss journey?


Remember when the thought of moving from a topper to a wig seemed a little daunting? You might have been worried about what others would think or felt like your hair loss was a hurdle you couldn’t overcome.


Through this article, we’ve shared that such a transition can be a passage to empowerment and a reclamation of confidence. You've learned that wigs offer complete coverage, versatile styling options, and a comfortable, secure fit. To say nothing of the benefits that go far beyond the surface. 


Ready for the next step? It’s time to dive a little deeper and find that perfect wig. We’ve got just the thing to help: our easy-to-follow guide to choosing your first wigIt’s packed with tips and tricks to help you pick out a wig that feels like it’s been part of you all along. And remember, this isn’t the end of the road—it’s just the beginning of a more confident you. So, why not take a look at that guide and keep the momentum going? Your perfect wig awaits!


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