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What are the Most Comfortable Types of Wigs?

October 11th, 2022 | 19 min. read

What are the Most Comfortable Types of Wigs?

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You found the wig of your dreams. The only problem is, once you put it on, the itching and scratching starts. You wonder: Can I really wear this wig every day? *Scratch scratch* Likely not. Fact is, many wigs fail to deliver on comfort, no matter how stylish or beautiful they might be. So then, where can you find comfortable wigs that deliver on more than just good looks and style?


As leaders in premium wigs, we know how rare it is to find wigs with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Most wigs are mass-produced with low-grade materials, causing itchiness, irritation, and sweat. You shouldn’t settle, especially when there are better options available to you.


Here at Daniel Alain, we’ve invested decades into perfecting our premium, 100% European human hair wigs.


Keep reading as we share our industry expertise on the key factors that contribute to wig comfort. We’ll also share some flawless examples of comfortable wigs from our Follea collection.


By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to look for to find a wig that combines luxurious style and all-day comfort.


Let’s dive in!


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Human Hair Wigs vs. synthetic wigs

Many wigs today are synthetic — nylon, acrylic, or plastic material that’s cheap to source and easy to dye. The result? Affordable wigs in any color. But where affordability shines, comfort lacks.


Synthetic wigs aren’t only affordable because of their cheap materials. They’re also usually machine-wefted, mass-produced and sewn together by an industrial machine. 


The result? They are typically:

  • Uncomfortable since machine construction limits breathability and synthetic materials cause scalp irritation and itching.
  • Detectable because machine construction sometimes leads to shedding.
  • Rough since synthetic materials don’t have the same softness as genuine human hair.


The better choice? High-quality, 100% human hair wigs made with the most silky soft European hair. Luxury materials and elite craftsmanship come at a steeper price, but for daily comfort and confidence — it’s worth it. 


High-quality human hair wigs deliver on every detail: 

  • Lace fronts made with premium Swiss lace blends seamlessly with your hairline
  • Hand-tied construction feels lightweight and effortlessly breathable
  • Skin or lace-like caps limit scalp irritation and itching
  • 100% human hair feels soft and silky to the touch


If you’re looking for the most comfortable wigs in the world, look no further than Daniel Alain’s premium Follea collection.



daniel alain's line of comfortable human hair wigs

Many features influence a wig’s comfort level, including the type of the wig front, cap materials, construction, type of hair used, and more. 

The most comfortable wigs don’t feel heavy, sweaty, or weighed down. Construction with individually hand-tied knots provides the ideal breathability for all day comfort. 

The reality is, most wig manufacturers cut corners during the production process, resulting in lower-quality—and less-comfortable—wigs. So while one wig might be made with human hair, the materials on the skin cap might be cheap. 

Bottom line? Creating a high-quality wig is a meticulous process requiring expertly trained artisans and colorists.

Sure, you can absolutely throw together a mass-produced wig, but it’s not going to be comfortable.  

What if the most comfortable human hair wigs didn’t sacrifice style, luxury, or undetectability? 

Decades ago, Daniel Alain had the vision to bridge the gap between wig comfort and natural movement with his Follea Collection. From every step in the production line, every wig is hand-crafted, taking up to one month to produce each and every wig. 

From sorting and selecting the premium European hair, to expert colorists blending the most gorgeous shades, to individually hand tying each knot, and quality control checkpoints at every stop, Daniel Alain is the gold standard in wig quality and comfort.

The cherry on top? Our oeuvre includes shades from Irish cream to espresso — lengths from 5 to 19 inches. 

Whatever your dream style, Daniel Alain can make it a reality. Keep reading to relish in the most luxurious, comfortable wigs in the world!

grandeur-blondeGRANDEUR WIG

There’s a reason everyone gushes over Victoria’s Secret models on the runway, and it’s not just the lingerie. Almost every model has luxurious, silky-smooth long hair that bounces seemingly with a heavenly touch. 

The Grandeur wig channels that same divinity with its 16-inch length, premium, luscious locks, and effortless movement. The best part? Long length and lavishness have never been so comfortable with Grandeur’s lace front cap and hand-tied construction.





We often think about the stylish French when we hear the word “chic.” And we channel that French flair and sophistication with our Chic wig.

With a true French top, Chic’s cap integrates seamlessly on your head, giving the illusion of a genuine scalp. It’s also double-lined, with a lace-like fabric that feels utterly smooth and comfortable.




Our Style wig is 100% hand-tied with a skin top base for custom-length, voluminous, silky tresses. Our ambassador and Follea wearer Ashley describes it as the softest hair she’s ever felt.  She’s lightweight, bouncy, and sumptuously shiny – no wonder Style’s one of our bestselling comfortable wigs.

“This wig just goes where it’s supposed to, no pulling it this way or that, no realizing your doggone wig is crooked. The hair is stunning.” ~ happy customer M. Terese gushes about the Style experience.


pixie-irish-creamPIXIE WIG

Audrey Hepburn, is that you? You’ll look classy, confident, and comfortable in our Pixie wig. Like all our other comfortable wigs, this beauty’s individually hand-tied knots feel ultra-breathable and smooth. 

But Pixie ups the wig comfort with one important detail: a stress-free, 5-inch length! If you’ve ever rocked a short cut, you know how freeing it is to take the weight off your shoulders, literally. 





You’ll be hard-pressed to find an ultra-voluminous hairpiece that also scores wig comfort points. Look no further than René — our most lifted, oh-so voluptuous wig in our collection.

This wig has a machine-wefted back, making it a tad heavier than our 100% hand-tied wigs. But its lace front and premium World Select hair still make it one of the most comfortable human hair wigs without compromising volume.





Gripper Actif offers a whole new level of comfort for ladies with alopecia totalis: absolute security.  Mental discomfort weighs heavier than physical discomfort, at times. The creeping fear of your wig falling can feel downright debilitating.

But Gripper Actif’s complete silicone grip perimeter will alleviate your anxieties and earn your trust.. Near- or completely-bald ladies find the Gripper Actif to be one of the most comfortable wigs to wear during heavy-errand days or even a tennis match. Comfortable and secure? That’s the Gripper Actif!





The first in our Gripper series — luxurious, secure, comfortable wigs for women with total hair loss. Its light cap and medical-grade silicone perimeter join to create the epitome of comfort and maximum hold. 

“This wig is with me on all of my everyday adventures, such as school and parties…I can actually do cartwheels and handstands without it falling off, which is amazing.” ~ customer's review 






Bottom line? You might find a wig with the perfect color, cut, and size — but you won’t enjoy wearing it if it’s uncomfortable. 


Wig comfort should be a top priority when it comes to wearing your most fabulous hair.. Daniel Alain knows this — that’s why he spent decades sourcing the rarest, top 10% European human hair in the world. Our luxury wigs account for every comfort factor, from 100% Swiss lace front caps to individually hand-tied construction. 


Natural movement, silky-smooth locks, and quality comfort — you can have it all with the world’s most comfortable human hair wigs. Ready to find a hair loss solution that makes you feel radiant? Talk to one of our hair experts to explore your options today!



Your MOST COMFORTABLE Wig Awaits at Daniel Alain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Tell if Someone is Wearing a Wig?

The most comfortable wigs have a lace front, hand-tied construction, 100% premium human hair, and close-to-custom sizing.

What is the Most Comfortable Wig to Wear?

Daniel Alain makes the most comfortable wigs on the market because of its high-quality, premium materials (100% human hair), open airflow and breathability, and tailored fits.

What is the Most Comfortable Wig Construction? (hand-tied)

Hand-tied wigs are the most comfortable wigs because each individual knot provides more breathability. Compared to a fully wefted wig, a hand-tied construction reduces sweating , tightness, and heat build-up.

How Do You Make Wearing a Wig More Comfortable?

The most comfortable wigs are individually hand-tied and made with premium materials such as genuine European hair and Swiss lace caps. But you might make your wig more comfortable by ensuring you have the right size and flattening your hair as much as possible before putting on the wig.

What Type of Wig is Most Comfortable? (human hair)

Human hair wigs with hand-tied construction are the most comfortable wigs. They’re less likely to irritate your scalp and itch, and they’re more breathable than synthetic wigs.

What is the Most Comfortable Wig Cap? (lace front)

Lace front wig caps are the most comfortable wigs physically and mentally. They feel soft and silky along your hairline, especially if we’re talking about 100% Swiss lace, like Daniel Alain’s wigs. And, they mimic a natural hairline so closely that you’ll feel confident and secure wearing it.

Are Lace Front Wigs Comfortable?

Yes, lace front wigs are some of the most comfortable wigs available because of their breathability and lightweight construction.

Are Full Front Wigs Comfortable?

Full lace wigs are lightweight, offering more comfort than polyurethane and monofilament wigs.

What Can Make a Wig Uncomfortable to Wear?

Machine-wefted construction, low-quality synthetic hair, limited sizing, and non-lace fronts aren’t characteristic of comfortable wigs.

Are Wigs Comfortable to Wear in the Summer?

All wigs will feel a little hot during the summer. However, low-quality synthetic and machine-wefted wigs feel heavier and have limited airflow, making them the most uncomfortable wigs for the summer. A better option is human hair wigs with lace fronts, which tend to be more lightweight and breathable.

Are Synthetic Wigs Comfortable?

Some women find synthetic wigs more comfortable than human hair wigs because the hair is lighter than human hair. However, high-quality hand-tied human hair wigs will always feel more lightweight and comfortable than synthetic wigs.

Is it OK to Wear a Wig Every Day?

Yes, it’s certainly OK to wear a wig every day. However, a low-quality synthetic wig might feel itchy or uncomfortable with daily wear.

Do Wigs Itch?

Wigs with low-quality hair, fabrics, and caps might cause scalp allergies and consequent itching. Moreover, wigs with limited sizing that don’t fit properly might irritate your scalp.

Are Wigs Comfortable to Wear with Alopecia?

Yes, women with alopecia may feel secure and confident with a high-quality human hair wig.

Who Makes the Most Comfortable Wigs?

Daniel Alain makes the most comfortable wigs with 100% premium, human hair, hand-tied construction, lace fronts, and a wide range of sizes.

What Are the Different Types of Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs are made with European, Indian, or Asian (usually Chinese) hair.

European Hair

European hair is the epitome of luxury in the wig industry. Often from Eastern European countries like Romania and Russia, European hair is fine, delicate, silky, and radiant. Moreover, European human hair is often higher-quality because of its pure sourcing (Remy or virgin hair, more on that later). Most wigs made with European human hair cost more since the hair is so rare and elusive, but it’s worth it.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is resiliently strong, often harder to break or damage than other hair types. You’ll usually see straight or wavy hair on Indian women, in a piercing jet black color. Unfortunately, Indian hair on the wig market is usually lower-quality than European hair because of the damage caused through the sourcing and manufacturing methods.

Asian Hair

Asian hair refers primarily to Chinese hair, as well as hair from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Cambodia. Like Indian hair, Asian hair is incredibly durable and stretches further without breaking than European hair.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is untouched, specifically pristine and unspoiled by hair dye and harsh hair treatments. You’ll be hard-pressed to find virgin hair on the wig market — be wary of any provider that claims virgin hair without supplying proof of its origins.


Remy Hair

Remy hair is one of the highest quality wig hair types you can find. This hair is sourced with the cuticle still intact, as it’s hair collected from ponytail donors. Daniel Alain’s private reserve of premium European hair is the world’s highest quality Remy hair.



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