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What Makes a Wig Real-Looking?

June 3rd, 2022 | 5 min. read

What Makes a Wig Real-Looking?

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The most important factor to consider when buying a wig is your comfort level. The second most important thing for most is ensuring that their wig looks as natural as possible. By natural, we mean a wig that looks as real as possible. But what makes a wig real-looking? 


At Daniel Alain, we make premium human hair wigs. With over 20 years in the wig-making business, we understand what it takes to make a wig look as real as possible. We’ve also written about the best human hair wigs. These wigs were chosen based on how real-looking they are. So what does it take for a wig to be as real-looking as possible? 


In this article, we’re going to go over the three biggest parts of a wig’s construction that will make it look as real as possible. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of what goes into making a real-looking wig so you can ask more questions in a wig consultation to ensure you’re buying the best, most authentic-looking wig.


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Natural Wigs Use Real Human Hair


The most real-looking wigs use 100% human hair. Instead of opting for synthetic hair, which can have an unnatural stiffness or shine, human hair wigs have the same movement as biological hair because they are made from real hair rather than a blend of synthetic materials. However, not all human hair wigs are created equal.


Some human hair wigs use a combination of human and synthetic hair. Others use real human hair but the hair has been soaked in an acid bath, stripping the strand of its natural moisture and the cuticle. Many cheaper human hair wigs are made from floor hair which means the hair in these wigs is taken from drains and hairbrushes. The best human hair wigs feature Remy hair, which means the hair has its cuticles going in the same direction. If the cuticles are going in different directions, the hair will not move as naturally. 


Even if a wig is made from high-quality Remy hair, there are still differences in hair type. Generally, the most natural-looking wigs are made from 100% European hair. This hair is fine and has a beautiful shine and mimics the body and flow of biological hair. 


While the actual hair on the wig is an extremely important factor in determining how real-looking a wig is, it will only look so natural if it’s tied correctly. 


Real-Looking Wigs Feature a Hand-Tied Cap 


The care and craftsmanship that go into creating a hand-tied cap help give the wig the most authentic look. While wefted wigs are generally less expensive, you may not get the same natural movement with a wefted wig because the hair is sewn onto a strip and then sewn onto a cap. When a wig has a hand-tied cap, a wig artisan attaches individual hairs onto the cap by hand. This process is called ventilation. 


Even ventilating makes a huge difference in how real the wig will look. If five or six hairs are pulled through a single hole, you’ll still get a more natural look than a wefted wig. However, if a wig is ventilated with only one or two hairs pulled through each hole, you’ll get the most natural movement possible. The meticulous precision that goes into pulling only one or two hairs through a hole mimics individual hair follicles and allows the hair to flow and move just like biological hair. 


Find a Monofilament Top for an Authentic Look 


You may not give this part of your wig much thought at first. However, choosing a wig with a monofilament top, also known as a faux scalp, will give your wig the most natural look possible. When you part the hair on a monofilament top, it will look as if you 

are parting the hair on a real scalp. If you part hair on a lace top, you will be able to tell the hair is on a wig. 


If you have biological hair on the top of your head and opt for a lace top wig, you may be able to see the color of your bio hair through the lace. If the top of your head is a different shade than the lace, you’ll be able to see the lace against your skin. Choosing a top that gives the appearance of a scalp completes the all-natural look of a hand-tied, human hair wig.



How to Choose the Best Wig for You 


After reading this article, you now know the top three factors that make a wig as real-looking as possible. Finding a wig that you feel confident in and that looks as natural as possible may seem overwhelming at first. Here at Daniel Alain, we’re ready to help. We offer a wig buying guide to help you learn about all the different types of wigs on the market so you have the most information to make an informed decision about what is best for you. 


If you’re looking for a real-looking wig, Daniel Alain offers different collections of wigs with different features to meet your hair dreams. Our customers have shared their experiences with the René and Style wigs, our two most popular collections. If you are ready to invest in an authentic-looking, 100% human hair wig, book a consultation and take the first step toward your best hair. 

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