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Lace Tops, Voluminous Skin Tops, and French Tops: Understanding the Differences in Wig Caps

March 14th, 2022 | 5 min. read

Lace Tops, Voluminous Skin Tops, and French Tops: Understanding the Differences in Wig Caps

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The world of wig buying is filled with words that may be unfamiliar to you. Sometimes, searching for a simple explanation of these terms can be frustrating. Instead of a straightforward answer, companies try to sell you something by giving you a vague idea of what a term means, leaving you confused and discouraged. You’re just trying to find simple answers to simple questions.  


At Daniel Alain, we provide an array of products for anyone dealing with hair loss. One of those products is premium human hair wigs. We believe in educating everyone entering the wig buying world so anyone can make a decision that leaves them empowered and confident. 


All wigs have tops that the hair is attached to. There are different types of materials used for these tops. Depending on which material is used, a wig can have a more authentic look or have different styling capabilities or limitations.  


In this article, we’re going to focus on three different types of tops. We’ll compare these three types of tops and break down the differences. We’ll mention which of our wigs features each top as a point of reference. By the end of this article, youll know what a lace top, a voluminous skin top is, and a French top is, giving you the information and tools you need to make an educated decision and feel more confident in choosing the wig that is best for your needs.   



What is a lace top on a wig?


A lace top is a top made of lace. It has return hairs, which are like baby hairs, to achieve maximum volume at the root. Its transparency allows for your natural skin tone or hair underneath to be visible. A lace top is not the same as a lace front, which is about an inch of lace at the front of the wig that creates a natural hairline. 


What is a lace top made of? 


lace top


Lace tops are made from lace and another material, such as spandex. The lace that we use at Daniel Alain is a fine and delicate Swiss lace, but the minuscule holes in the lace are durable and strong.


How does this impact the look and feel of a wig?


The lightness of a lace top allows for breathability and reduces potential warmth on the scalp. When the hair is parted, you can see the top is made of lace, which does not mimic the look of a real scalp. If your skin tone is darker or lighter than the lace on your cap, the difference may be obvious if you look closely at the parted hair. 


Which Daniel Alain wigs have a lace top?


A lace top is found on the Pixie and René collections.


What is a voluminous skin top On a Wig?


A voluminous skin top mimics the look of a scalp. It has return hairs to add volume to the root. The volume can be smoothed when styling but naturally will provide more lift and volume at the root. 


What is a voluminous skin top made of?


skin top


At Daniel Alain, a voluminous skin top is made by sewing a layer of lace to a layer of monofilament. Monofilament is a meshy, thin fabric. The monofilament is the top layer and the lace sits directly on the scalp. This combination accounts for the lift at the root. A voluminous skin top is more expensive than a lace top wig because of the additional material, labor, and craftsmanship. 


How does this impact the look and feel of a wig? 


When the hair is parted, the material mimics the look of a scalp. The combination of the monofilament with the lace allows for a transparent, natural look on the scalp. The monofilament is soft on the scalp. The materials used on the top may make it slightly less breathable than a lace top.



Which Daniel Alain wigs have a voluminous skin top?


The Style and Gripper collections have a voluminous skin top. 


What’s a French top on a wig?


Just like a voluminous skin top, a French top provides a scalp-like illusion. It also has the monofilament layer. It has a sleeker and smoother finish near the root of the hair. The price of a French top is similar to that of a voluminous skin top because of the level of labor, craftsmanship, and additional materials.


How does a French top compare to a voluminous skin top? 


Unlike the voluminous skin top, a French top does not provide volume. The way the hair is tied to the top of the wig is different and produces this sleeker look. 


Which Daniel Alain wigs have a French top?


The Grandeur and Chic collections feature a French top. 


Which wig top is right for you? 


A lace top may be right for you if you want….

  • Maximum volume
  • A more budget-friendly option


A voluminous skin top may be right for you if you want…

  • A more realistic-looking scalp
  • Maximum styling versatility
  • More volume and lift at the root


A French top may be right for you if you want…

  • A more realistic-looking scalp
  • Maximum styling versatility
  • An overall sleeker, smoother look



Now you know the differences between a lace, voluminous skin, and French top and how these different tops impact the cost and functionality of a wig. You have more information to make an informed purchase. Learning about the various terms used in the wig buying world will make you more comfortable and familiar with important factors to consider when choosing a wig. 


It can be overwhelming to decide what you’d like on a wig. With so many options, you may be unsure where to start. Here at Daniel Alain, we know that asking questions and getting answers can make the unfamiliar territory more familiar. If you want to read more about all things wigs, visit our Learning Center to continue your wig education. If you’re ready to learn more about what wigs we offer and take one step closer to your best self, schedule a consultation to learn more about which wig may be right for your needs.