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Customer Interview: How I Chose My First Human Hair Topper

June 4th, 2024 | 8 min. read

Customer Interview: How I Chose My First Human Hair Topper

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Feeling unsure about what hair toppers are or how they could work for you?


Let’s clear up the mystery.


We’re here to help shed some light on hair toppers and share an interview with one of our customers, Sara. She shares her journey from starting with a Petite topper to upgrading to a Trend topper and explains how each type suited her changing needs for more coverage and volume.


Dive in to learn more about how a hair topper could be the key to revamping your look and restoring your hair’s vibrant, full appearance.



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Daniel Alain: So, Sara, why did you initially consider a hair topper? 


Sara: It all started at a dinner party with girlfriends. One friend kept subtly asking us if we noticed anything different about her. We were all puzzled because she looked fabulous but we couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. Then, when I complimented her on her hair, she burst out laughing and revealed her topper, and that was my lightbulb moment. Seeing how natural and beautiful it looked, I thought, 'That’s exactly what I need.'


Daniel Alain: Could you tell us more about your first topper and why the size of the base was a good fit for you at that time?




Sara: Absolutely, my first topper was a Petite topper, and the base size felt right from the moment I tried it on. It covered my thinning hair and widening part line that often comes with age. It was almost like finding the perfect pair of shoes; you just know. It blended seamlessly with my natural hair, and honestly, it was so easy to get used to wearing a topper. Within a day or two, it felt like a part of me. I remember looking in the mirror and feeling genuinely excited because it looked so natural.


Daniel Alain: How can you tell that the Petite topper is made with high-quality hair?


Sara: The first thing you notice is the texture—it's soft, silky, and moves like your own hair. I’ve had my Petite topper for over four years now, and it's remarkable how it has maintained its luster and strength. High-quality human hair lasts longer and keeps you looking your best, which is something I truly value.

Daniel Alain: Sara, you mentioned starting with the Petite topper, but I understand you've recently transitioned to the Trend topper. Can you share what prompted this change?




Sara: Yes, that's right. The Petite topper was fantastic as a starting point—it was lightweight and gave me a great introduction to wearing hair toppers daily. However, as time went on, I noticed more volume loss in my natural hair, which is quite common as we age. I found myself desiring a bit more coverage and volume to really feel my best.


Daniel Alain: How does the Trend topper compare to the Petite in terms of fit and feel?


Sara: The Trend topper has a larger base, which means it covers more of my head and provides that extra density I was looking for. It’s been a seamless transition because the extra coverage doesn't compromise on comfort at all. It's still incredibly comfortable, and because I was already used to wearing the Petite every day, adjusting to the Trend was a breeze.


Daniel Alain: What differences have you noticed with this increased volume and coverage?




Sara: It's been a game-changer, honestly. The additional volume and coverage boost my confidence even further. I feel like it complements my features better and offers a fuller, more vibrant look. It covers up my thinning areas and enhances my overall appearance. And the best part? It looks incredibly natural. People often compliment my hair, not knowing I’m wearing a topper!


Daniel Alain: Would you recommend others in similar situations to consider switching to a topper with a larger base?


Sara: Absolutely! If someone is feeling like they need more coverage or they’re seeing more thinning over time, a larger base topper like the Trend topper can really provide that additional assurance and aesthetic boost. It’s important to evolve your hair solutions as your needs change, and transitioning to a Trend topper was definitely the right move for me.


Daniel Alain: Can you talk about how comfortable it is to wear a topper all day long?




Sara: Wearing it every day, from morning till night, feels like second nature now. I even wore it on a two-week European vacation recently, through long days of sightseeing and some very windy evenings. One night, I was so exhausted I fell asleep with it still on, and guess what? I didn’t even notice it was there. That’s how comfortable these toppers are!


Daniel Alain: What advice would you give to someone who's choosing their first hair topper?


Sara: I always say, once you find a topper you love, consider getting a backup. I still wear my older, Petite topper for activities like dog walks or lounging by the pool because it's comfortable and I'm less worried about it getting a bit tousled. For most other occasions, I switch to my newer, Trend topper, which is a bit more polished and provides more coverage and volume. It's really practical to have a second topper on hand, not just for variety, but also for those times when one needs to be washed or is otherwise out of commission. It ensures you always look your best without interruption.


Daniel Alain: How does wearing a topper impact your confidence or how you feel?




Sara: You know, as I’ve grown older and my hair began to thin, it really affected how I felt about my appearance. Discovering toppers was like turning back the clock in a way. Suddenly, I wasn't worrying about my hair looking thin or getting caught unprepared for a last-minute video call or meeting. It’s a boost to your self-esteem. When COVID hit and salons closed, I was one of the few among my friends who wasn't panicking about hair appointments. It’s been incredibly freeing.



Could a Hair Topper Be the Right Solution for My Hair Concerns?


If you've been struggling with hair thinning or loss, you're likely familiar with the daily struggle and self-consciousness that can accompany it. Choosing the right solution to enhance your hair’s appearance might seem daunting, and you may be feeling uncertain if a hair topper is a viable option for you. Like many, you might be searching for a way to regain that fuller, vibrant look without committing to more permanent or invasive solutions.


In this interview with Sara, we explored the transformative impact that hair toppers can have. Sara’s journey from the lightweight Petite topper to the more voluminous Trend topper illustrates how adaptable and beneficial these solutions can be. Whether transitioning between topper sizes or simply starting out, these insights illuminate the practicalities of integrating a hair topper into daily life.


Feeling inspired by Sara's story? The next step is to explore your options. Visit our extensive range of human hair toppers or read our topper buying guide to help you choose the right piece for your hair type and desired look. 

Exploring our resources could be your first step toward regaining fuller hair and a renewed self-confidence. Dive deeper into our Learning Center today and see how a hair topper can change your life just as it did for Sara.


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